Athletic Awards and Goodbye to Coach Hilborn

The Athletic Awards will be given out on Wednesday, June 3rd At 3:30 in the Gymnasium. Please feel free to come on out and say good bye to Coach Hilborn who will be attending his last awards assembly as a Teacher and Coach at ESA. The better part of his career was spent at ESA and he has now decided that; “It is a great day to retire.” Pizza and refreshments to follow. Also a challenge game between the boys and girls soccer teams will take place on the field after the awards.

The following students are up for an award;

Natalia Stanojevic

Camryn Nystrom

Alexei Halket

Matias Bessai

Pascale Gendron

Hailey Greenough

Molly Raymond

Claire Lawson

Paige Court

Alyssa Derezycky

Nicole Brink

Kathryn Murray

Jasmine Hanna

Will Graham

Theo Klaver

Nick Kaegi

Eellis Remy

Alastair Van Voorthuizen

Joshua Carrasco

Connor Thomas

Malte Zumbansen

Alice Santilli

Lucy Carolan

Chiara Ferrero-Wong

Ian Hogeboom-Burr

Seth Zosky-Shiller

Linden Phillips

Tega Paul

Stefan Jemuovic

Jelena Gajdel

Shellicka Anglin

Nicole Felcenloben

Macy Kerrigan

Jenoya Tinker

Andrew Young

Adam Alfray

Alegra Kandiyoti

Emily Lobb

Olivia Bowe

Morgan Green

Emily Wedde

Micaela McNulty

Ben Evans-Duran

Riley Roe

Haddie Hamilton

Shiloh Light Barnes

Jacob Edwards

Carol Nguyen

Jessye Coleman-Shapiro

Matthew Galamaga

Jalon White

Phoebe Wolfe

Jenna Ladd

Lucy Welsh

Jonas Pikelin

Sabrina Flores


Hope to see you there! Go Eagles!