Choreographic Workshop and Arts Showcase: Tipping Point

Tonight’s the night! Fewer than 50 tickets remain as of this morning and they may be sold out today!

If you’re confused about how the night works we’ll be happy to explain in person. Come early and find one of the producers by the auditorium before the show starts (6:30 ish).

The entire audience will watch Choreographic workshop in the auditorium at 7:00 PM sharp.

Those who are staying will move on to one of five rotations seeing small room performances in the second half of the show. Those rotations will be chosen when you arrive before 7:00 PM. You can choose your room rotation based on the student(s) you’d like to see. (No one will see all the small rooms.)

The show promises to be unique, engaging and involve students from every major and grade. Not only that, but some proceeds from the night will be used to support indigenous water projects; a worthy cause indeed.



Arts Showcase and Choreographic Workshop: Tipping Point

Tickets are going fast. We are over 70% sold out as of Monday afternoon. This show usually sells out – don’t be disappointed – get your tickets today to see every major collaborating on one very special night at ESA!



Arts Showcase & Choreographic Workshop tickets now on sale

Next Wednesday November 23rd, TIPPING POINT is taking over ESA.

The show starts at 7:00 PM in the auditorium with the annual and fantastic choreographic workshop. In the second half of the evening, audiences will tour several spaces in the school to see intriguing and personal student developed interdisciplinary art performances.

As the auditorium has a higher capacity than the small rooms there are two tickets.

  • There are a select number of Choreographic workship only tickets for $10
    The remainder of the tickets are for the full event at $15 (adult) or $7 (student)

This event usually sells out, so buy early to avoid disappointment. Go to ESAinfo to purchase.



Arts Showcase Auditions



Come show us your talent, your voice, your acting or any kind of art you love. Tomorrow after school in room 110 & 111. Get in on your chance to be part of a once a year opportunity!!

Arts Showcase Auditions


Hello to those interested in arts showcase,

As you may know the auditions for Arts Showcase are fast approaching, Wednesday, November 9th at 3:30 in rooms 110 and 111, and we really hope to see you there with your ideas ready to go! That being said, in the coming week if you need any help pleased don’t hesitate talking to Mr Payne, Mrs Moorhouse or Mr Morgan. If you have any further questions or are looking for specifications please stop one of us in the hall.

Be excited, do your best, don’t give up if something isn’t ready — just give us your best and you can be a part of this fantastic show. Remember there are only two rehearsals, you get to be in charge of your own work AND the proceeds go to charity.

Arts Showcase – Tipping Point



a: Auditions for this student based, interdisciplinary performance have been moved from Tuesday November 8th to Wednesday November 9th at 3:30.

b: There will be a front foyer “happening” on Wednesday October 26th. Stop by and get more info.

c: The Ralph Brown workshop to prepare pieces for TIPPING POINT will run Thursday November 10th. See your department ACL to get involved.

Any questions at any time are welcomed by Mr. Payne, Ms. Moorhouse, Mikayla Harrison or Tristan Surman.

Arts Showcase Info Session



Arts Showcase is ESA’s annual interdisciplinary night of performances representing and including students form all majors. This is a student driven performance and a chance for our artists to work with people outside their major.

Our first information session is coming up on Tuesday Oct 11 at lunch in the mini theatre.

Join us to find out what this year’s show “Tipping Point” is all about. See Mr. Payne or Ms. Moorhouse for details.