Dancing in NYC

Just a reminder to grade 11 & 12 dance majors that permission forms the NYC TRIP are due January 26. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Dancing in NYC

Grade 11 & 12 Dance majors have a wonderful opportunity to experience one of the world’s major hubs for dance, New York City! This 3 night trip will take place in May and will have students dancing in some of the world’s renowned dance centers, viewing live performances of major dance companies and exploring this amazing city. Spaces are limited and are offered on a first come first served basis. Permission forms are to be submitted by January 26 to the dance department. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Choreographic Workshop DVD ORDERS are ready for PICK-UP

If you ordered a DVD of the Dance department’s Choreographic Workshop please come see Ms. Saum to pick-up your order.



Choreographic Workshop Auditions

Choreographic Workshop auditions will take place on Tuesday November 8 at 3:30 pm in dance studio 1.

Correction to Cookie Dough Delivery Date

Please be advised that there has been a slight change in the delivery date of the cookie dough for the Dance department’s fundraiser.

Cookie dough will be ready for pick up by sales representatives (dance majors) on Thursday November 10 after school in Dance Studio 2.

Due to the nature of products all orders must be picked up on November 10 as we do not have the facilities to store unclaimed orders.

Choreographic Workshop Auditions

Choreographic Workshop auditions are right around the corner!

Auditions will take place on Tuesday November 8 at 3:30pm in Dance Studio 1.

Choreographic Workshop and Arts Showcase will be taking place on Wednesday November 23. Save the date!

Dance Department Fundraiser Cookie Dough Pick-up

To all of those who helped support the Dance Department and purchased products from our cookie dough fundraiser we would like to inform you that your orders will be coming very soon! Your sales representative(s) will be picking up their orders this Tuesday November 8 after school in Dance studio 2 and delivering them to you shortly afterwards.

*Reminder to all sales representatives (dance majors) that due to the nature of the products all orders must be picked up on Tuesday November 8.

Thank you for your support and happy baking!


The Dance Department would like to send out a huge congratulations to ESA Dance majors Chloe Halling, Claire Wiseman, Rachel Wiseman, Macy Kerrigan, Ashlyn Abbott, and Sydney Melrose on their tremendous success. These 6 lovely dancers just came back from competing on Team Canada at the International Dance Organization (IDO) World Ballet, Modern & Jazz Championships in Wetzlar, Germany and brought home GOLD!

Way to go!


Congratulations & Good Luck Dancers!

Please help us in sending a shout out to 5 awesome dance majors!

We would like to say a huge congratulations to ESA Dance majors Chloe Halling, Claire Wiseman, Rachel Wiseman, Macy Kerrigan, Ashlyn Abbott, and Sydney Melrose as they have been selected to represent Canada at the International Dance Organization (IDO) World Ballet, Modern & Jazz Championships in Wetzlar, Germany from Oct 23-30. There will be 27 nations from 4 continents competing and the number of entries that are allowed from each nation are extremely limited (only between 2-5). We are very proud of their achievement in being selected to be members of Team Canada and are extremely excited to hear about their success!

Congratulations and good luck! (or shall we say merde!)

– The Dance Department

For more info about this event visit http://www.ido-dance.com/ceis/ido/competitions/calendar/2016.html



Choreographic Workshop Auditions

It is almost here!!!

On Tuesday November 8 the dance department will be hosting auditions for the up-coming Choreographic Workshop. Auditions will begin at 3:30pm in Dance Studio 1. Auditions are open for students from all majors at ESA.

The Choreographic Workshop will be held in conjunction with Arts Showcase on Wednesday November 23. Successful candidates will be required to be available for the technical rehearsal on Monday November 21 at 3:30pm and the dress rehearsal on Tuesday November 22 at 3:30pm.

Stretch & Strength Classes

Want to get in shape but don’t want to devote a lot of time? Come out and try a stretch and stretch & strength class at lunch time in Dance Studio 1 during the first half of the lunch hour. Class will take place this WEDNESDAY October 19 from 12:10-12:30pm. The class is open to all students and staff. No sign-up required. Just come ready to move!

Open Dance Workshop with Visiting Artist Ben Kamino

Come out and take part in a unique opportunity. On Monday October 24, Tuesday October 25, and Wednesday October 26 the Dance Department’s visiting artist Ben Kamino will be hosting a free workshop during each lunch hour. Each workshop is unique and is open to all students at ESA. Students from all majors are encouraged to come out and take part. Below is a message from Ben with more details about each workshop.
Hi. I am Benjamin Kamino. I am hosting workshops in the dance department upcoming this October and want to invite you to some lunchtime activities I have planned.
The following proposals will take place at lunch-hour in dance-studio 1. It is a draughty space so please wear warm & cozy clothing and good socks as shoes are not permitted.

On Monday October 24th I will screen:

BLUSH by Ultima Vez

Ultima Vez is a Brussels-based dance company founded in the 1980s by a very tall man named Wim Vandekeybus. The work has always held to it’s core the values of virtuosity, strength, endurance, and physical prowess/exhaustion. 

BLUSH (the film) was built out of a stage-work. Made in 2004, BLUSH upped the stakes for Belgian dance-film – paralleling the acumen of the film work of DV8 – with higher production values regarding equipment, diversity of location, sound and scoring, and of course investiture of time.

This work is certain of a time, gender-roles and identities are quite fixed in their performance. However it is interesting to view this work as a marker in the value-system of the Western-european dance ecology at the turn of the millennia. 

On Tuesday October 25th I will screen:
performance and dance work selected by Mårten Spångbergthis one is a wildcard!
Mårten Spångberg has been working across many modalities within dance, performance, and the visual arts since the 1970s. He played part of the “choreographic-performance” movement of the 1990s in western Europe (also erroneous known as the conceptual dance movement) alongside Vera Montero, Jérôme Bel, Eszter Salamon, Xavier LeRoy, and Christine De Smedt. 

This guy is a hero to me, it was he who invited philosopher Jacques Rancière to speak at a symposium on dance which birthed the lecture published as The Emancipated Spectator. I have spoken with Mårten about the conditions of your school and those students whom have have already been lucky enough to teach and have asked him to send me some performance dear to his heart with you in-mind. We will see what we will see! ya?

On Wednesday October 26th I will host:

a karaoke/danceoke/studio hangout.

2 microphones + 1 projector + Our fearless leader: YouTube

= Feel free to sing or not-sing. Dance or not-dance. Watch. Listen. Laugh. Discuss. And feel the performative qualities of life itself. The dance studio is not only a place to train the body…. but a place to reflect on life, living, the social, the uncanny, and all those unnamed strange feelings that take-place everyday for the rest of our lives.
I very much hope you can make it out. Although I recognize that everyone is constantly busy these dayZ.
super-duper. [OOoooplAP!]