ESA Family Cookbook… 25th Anniversary Edition

Need another great idea for a stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift?

Consider a copy of the 25th Anniversary Edition ESA Family Cookbook.

  • We have a few copies left after the SESAT Fall Craft Fair.

Recipes from current and former Staff members, including but not limited to:

  • Ms. Miller, Ms. Wolfson, Mr. Humphreys, Ms. Neag, Ms. Kamino, Ms. Moorhouse, Mr. Aikins, Ms. Wray, and Ms. Holod.

Drop by the Library and pick up your own personal copy. $5 per book.

The Vinyl Vault is open again!

We’ve opened up new boxes of vinyl LP’s for the SESAT Fall Craft Fair.  A great selection awaits you upon your arrival to ESA on Monday morning…

This latest batch includes:

  • Two new bins worth of Musical Theatre titles – Original Broadway Cast Recordings!!
  • Some great female vocalists – including Carly Simon, Carolyn Mas, Anne Murray, Pearl Bailey, Dolly Parton, and many more.  Some are pretty classic!!
  • Lots more…

Single LP’s are priced at $2 each

There is also lots of other stuff… some of which is inventoried in this PDF file.

  • Mind… this PDF file is NOT an complete inventory…

Drop by the Library and check it out!

Important Reminder:  All vinyl is sold in “as is” condition.

  • While we are fairly confident of the “playability” of the albums we are putting out for sale, we cannot make any warranties.
  • All of the offerings in this batch come in their original jacket.



Meet the Original ESA CornMug

ESA CornMugs are available for purchase now… while quantities last.

  • Made from 100% corn plastic this mug is long lasting as well as 100% biodegradable and compostable at the end of its life span.
  • Microwave safe with a medical grade plastic lid.  Handwash only!!

The ESA CornMug makes a great stocking stuffer… or Secret Santa gift.

Get yours for only $10… See Ms. Wray in the Library.

  Corn Mug Poster 2017

Adult Fiction Book Sale

We’ve been weeding again…  We finally got around to a light once over the last half of the alphabet in the Adult Fiction collection.

  • Books get weeded for a variety of reasons… most commonly due to currency, relevancy, redundancy, condition and/or duplication… but also sometimes because they just aren’t popular enough anymore to justify the shelf space.

The books we’ve just weeded are available for sale… generally 50 cents for a paperback, and $1 for a hardcover… but we do make deals for bulk purchases and/or based on the condition of the book.

  • All funds collected go back into collection development and/or fun stuff for the Library.

Find a list of the titles we’ve pulled in the attached PDF file.

See something you like?  Have the student in your house come and get it, OR, drop by the Library on Saturday during the SESAT Winter Craft Fair and Silent Auction.

Adult Fiction Discards Nov 14th

Applying to Post-Secondary

Access a copy of the presentation to School Council made by Ms. Baldassi, ACL of Student Services.

In addition to reading the slides, you can listen in on the recording from the November 14th School Council meeting.

  • The Student Services presentation starts about 1:20 into the recording, give or take.


Library Access: Week of November 13th

We have another busy week in the Library – indeed at ESA – this week, with some very special special events.

Monday Nov 13th

  • Gr 9 GEOGRAPHY ArcGIS: All Grade 9 students are down within this two (2) week period to start working on ArcGIS projects.
  • We continue today with Ms. Arsu’s Day Two classes.

Tuesday November 14th

  • Library open before school and for students on spares during class periods.
  • There will be no lunch hour on account of Grade 8 Open House in the afternoon.
  • There will be no access to the Library after classes end, prior to Gr 8 Open House, while we set-up for the afternoon.

Wednesday November 15th and Thursday November 16th

Access outside of class periods…

  • Please note that while we will be open before school, at lunch and after school each day… there will be no tables available in the main area on the lower level of the Library.
  • The tables will have been removed for the duration and the available seating will be set-up in circles for our workshops.
  • There will be access only to the computers on the upper level of the Library, as we will have incorporated the chairs from the lower level computers into our circles.

Friday November 17th: Profession Development (PD) Day

  • No classes for students.

EnVision Student Conference: Permission Forms Available

Student who are interested in attending the EnVision Student Conference next Thursday, November 16th need to pick up an official TDSB Permission Form.

The EnVision conference focuses on identity, self-acceptance, navigating relationships, dealing with and overcoming homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, transmisogyny, bullying, intersectional oppression, and discrimination in our schools and communities.

It’s a full day of workshops, activities, speakers, and resources and a space to meet other people! Students are invited to join the conversation in how to create safer schools and how to build skills to form and maintain healthy relationships with themselves and others.

  • Hard copies of the signed and pre-populated TDBS Permission Form – and cover letter – are available from: Ms. McInnes, Mr. Vritsios and/or Ms. Wray
  • Digital copies of the ‘raw’ TDSB Permission Form – and cover letter – are attached to the bottom of this posting.  Please print off and return the Parent Signature page.

Forms must be returned to Ms. Wray by no later than the end of the school day Tuesday, November 14th.


REGISTRATION for this conference is a two-part process.

  • Students also need to complete the online registration form and choose their workshop sessions in advance of the Conference.
  • Access the Conference Registration Form here:
  • This step is MANDATORY… as is the return of the Field Trip Permission form.


ENVISION 2017 Cover Letter

excursion form ENVISION 2017

The First Page Student Writing Challenge is OPEN!

I am delighted to announce that the CBC’s The First Page Student Writing Challenge is now open!

The challenge?

We want students to give us a glimpse of the great Canadian novel of the year 2167.

Write the first page of a book set 150 years in the future, with the protagonist facing an issue that’s topical today and setting the scene for how it’s all playing out in a century and a half.

Submission will be accepted from Nov. 9, 2017 at 9 a.m. ET to Nov. 30, 2017 at 6 p.m. ET. 
  • Five writers, including Governor General’s Literary Award finalist Cherie Dimaline and The First Page judge Erin Bow, read from the first page of their books and pass on some wisdom that students may find helpful.
  • A teacher’s guide with discussion questions are provided for each video.

Grade 9 Geography: Important Notice to all

Very important notice for all Grade 9 Geography students… and their parents!

We are preparing for students to come down to the Library lab to work on ArcGIS activities.

  • All Grade 9 students will be down within the next two (2) weeks to start working on ArcGIS projects.
  • We begin this Friday, November 10th, with Ms. Arsu’s Day One classes.

Students need to have an ArcGIS account ahead of their arrival to the Library.

If the student in your house has not yet activated an ArcGIS account…

Students who complete(d) the form to create their accounts in advance will (have) recieve(d) an e-mail – at their TDSB Student e-mail address – subject line ‘TDSB ArcGIS Online subscription’.

  • The e-mail contains/contained an activation link… active for a period of two (2) weeks.
  • If you previously submitted your details but it has been more than two (2) weeks and you have not yet activated your account… please re-submit your details using the GOOGLE FORM above.

REMEMBER… to store the LOGIN credentials for this account with the rest of your school related login credentials.

Indigenous Education Month

November is Indigenous Education Month.

  • Drop by the Library to check out our display of – mostly brand new – Indigenous Fiction and Non-Fiction titles.

Each school day in November we will feature a title from our collection here at the ESA Library Daily Blog.

Great Soup: Another Success

Thank you to everyone who cooked and baked and ate and helped out in any way…

Our latest Great Soup – today at lunch – was a huge success.  We raised $500 as well as donations for the Daily Bread Food Bank.

We will advise as soon as we have decided which charity we are going to send funds to this year.

Author Talk: Wednesday November 8th @ Lunch in the Library

All members of the ESA Community are invited to join us for lunch this coming Wednesday for a very special Visiting Authors session.

We are delighted to welcome up and coming young Canadian authors Naben Ruthnum and Rudrapriya Rathore to ESA for the morning to work with the Grade 12 Writer’s Craft classes.

  • They will be staying on over the lunchhour to chat with anyone else who would be interested in talking to them.

Naben won the 2013 Journey Prize which “recognizes emerging writers for the best short story first published in a Canadian literary journal.”

Rudrapriya, an ESA graduate with a Masters in Creative Writing, won the 2014 Irving Layton Award for Fiction from Concordia University.  Currently one of the masthead editors at The Puritan, one of the foremost Canadian literary journals, Rudrapriya has had a number of her own pieces published, including:

We are so looking forward to their visit.  Please plan to join us.