If you are graduating and planning to attend a post-secondary institution (college or university), then you should make an appointment with the accessibility services department of your chosen institution now!  When you go to the appointment, you should take:

– your current IEP

-any psychology, medical, or occupational therapy reports that you might have

-any other documentation that supports your need for accommodations

-if you require a private dorm room in order to focus on your work, then you should get your doctor or psychologist to write you a letter saying that because of your learning disability, you need a private room in order to best access your curriculum

At the appointment, they will look at all of your information, and inform you of next steps to obtain accommodations with them.  If they want further testing, they will let you know what they want.  If you qualify for OSAP, then the testing may be covered.  They will let you know the procedures that you will need to follow next year.  You should not leave this until the fall – the onus will be on you to self-advocate.

If you have any questions, or would like to get a copy of your IEP with a note added about which accommodations you used in high school, please see Mrs. Graydon in room 210 on Monday June 8 between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.



Grade 9 Exam Preparation Seminars – May 21 and 22

On Thursday May 21 and Friday May 22, all grade 9 science classes will be given a seminar by the Student Success department,  on how to prepare for exams.  They will receive a handout with the information covered, and it will include a calendar that may be used to plan their study time.  By now, all students should be actively preparing for exams, which commence on June 8!  Get studying!

If you have an IEP and are considering U of T, please read!!!!

The Accessibility Services department is hosting a Transition Day event that is open to prospective students and their parents who want to learn about support services for students with disabilities and information about transitioning to university.   The day will be held on Thursday June 25, at the U of T St. George campus.

Participants will learn about accommodations and how they are implemented, assessment, support services and funding available, and common transition challenges that students face as they make their way to university.  You will have an opportunity to hear from the Director of Accessibility Services, Disability Counsellors, the Adaptive Technologist (and see a display of adaptive technology and software), a student panel, and faculty and staff from the university.  

A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.  The event is free, but space is limited and registration is required.
Event Date: Thursday, June 25, 2015 (TDSB PD Day)
Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm
Location: U of T, St. George Campus

 To register visit:

For more information, contact Diliana Peregrina-Kretz at [email protected] or at 416-978-1497


Special Education IPRC Waiver Forms

This message is pertinent only to guardians of students who have an exceptionality that has been determined by an IPRC in the TDSB .  A notice of this year’s IPRC meeting/waiver form was mailed to you before the march break, and was due back on March 25.  If you have not yet returned it, please do so by Monday March 30 at the latest, so that the meeting schedule can be finalized.

Thank you

Wellness Assembly

ESA had an amazing Wellness Assembly today. 

Our guest speaker Alicia Mathlin, gave the students wonderful advice on

“How to Have a Better Day Every Day”.

Her own personal and inspiring story was a testament to how her steps to wellness really do lead to success in life.   Her website gives further insight into her work.   Let us all be inspired to have a conversation with each other about living  the best lives that  we can!  Thank you Alicia, for giving ESA your time.

Post-Secondary Transition Information for Students with IEP’s

For students who have IEP’s, the transition to post-secondary accommodation support varies from institution to institution.  The following website gives an overview of this support at the major Ontario colleges and universities.  It is a great place to start the transition process!  Good luck!

IEP Consultation Letters

For any students who have an IEP, you should have received a consultation letter in the mail. Thank you to all who have already returned the response form. If you still have it, we ask that the student returns  it  to the main office tomorrow,  to the attention of the special education teacher listed on the letter.

From the Special Education Department about the OSSLT

Students who are eligible for accommodations on the OSSLT next Thursday March 27 were given a letter today indicating the room number, and details about the accommodations.  If your student did not bring the letter home today, please ask them to pop in to room 210 on Monday morning to get their copy.   Please be sure to read the letter for important information about the test.  Thank you.

IPRC Review Waiver Letters

Letters were mailed to the guardians of students who have an exceptionality designated by TDSB IPRC.  This letter indicated that  reviews will occur during the first two weeks of April.  The letter had indicated that the response form must be returned to the school by March 19 in order to be included in the meeting schedule. If you choose to waive the review meeting, the student will continue to receive the supports that are already in place.  If you have not yet returned your form, we ask that you have your student return it to the main office no later than Monday March 24.  Thank you.

Special Education Exam Accommodations

On Thursday Jan. 16, all students in the school will receive a pink sheet with the details of their exam dates, times, and room numbers.  For students who are using their exam accommodations, a white slip was stapled to the back of this sheet, indicating the accommodation rooms and times. 


Please note:  if a student with accommodations  is writing a morning exam, they should be in their exam room by 8:20 a.m.; and if they are writing a p.m. exam, they should be in the exam room by 12:20 p.m. 

By this time, all students should be actively preparing for their exams by reviewing material, making study notes, doing practice questions, and completing the exam review packages.  Success is best achieved through consistent and continuous reviewing!

Exam Accommodations and IEP’s

All students who have an existing IEP should have brought it home to parents for signatures by now.  Special Education staff has met with each student to go over the accommodations that they will use for the exams in January.  Students will be receiving a personalized timetable telling them what room they will write each exam in.  Students receiving accommodations will need to be in the exam room no later than 8:20 for a.m. exams, and 12:20 for p.m. exams.  Please understand that accommodations must be planned ahead of time in order to facilitate space allocation and staffing for all students who require them.  For this reason, any request to consider accommodation changes must be received no later than Thursday  December 19, accompanied by the required documentation.

Welcome to the Special Education,Student Success, and Wellness Posts!

Information about matters pertaining to both Special Education including procedures for  students with IEP’s, as well as Student Success and Wellness, will now appear on ESA info under the Student_Success banner.  Thank you to Susan Cohen for setting this up for us!!!!