Portfolio Day 7 Food Assist Sign Up

Hello to everyone with kids in PD7

One of our super amazing parents, Andrea McBride, has been looking after the organisation of food and drink for the previous few portfolio days and she has been expertly fine tuning the process.

This year she has created a hugely practical process for those who would be willing to help with food for the day. Andrea has created the sign up below which allows her to track what is arriving. Please CLICK http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090848a5ae23a5f49-portfolio to see what we are asking for on the day.

We are super lucky to have such amazing support from all of the 110 or so representatives that are coming in from around the world to speak to our kids that day, and want to make sure they have a fantastic time and are very well cared for here at ESA. Many schools are of course spending thousands of dollars to send their staff to our school (some schools send multiple representatives), and we want to make sure they realise how thankful we are.

We will begin installing today in places, and in more places throughout the week. Next week is when the bulk of the work will take place. If you missed our meeting a few weeks ago, it would be good to catch up as the type and amount of work required to be successful in the coming months is certainly outside of what most people anticipate. There is a specific process for scholarships and acceptances that begin with portfolio day, and skipping or missing steps will cost us in the end.

Please make sure to join us on Friday October 28 from 7-9.30pm for PD7 and stay to help us clean up after if you can. Everyone is welcome – please invite all those you think would like to come. FB invite: CLICK HERE

Also – Art Talk 8: CLICK HERE

Thank you!!!

Matthew Varey
[email protected]

The following programs have said they are attending PD7:

1. Queens University, Kingston, ON, Canada
2. The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland
3. Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Atlanta, USA
4. Savannah College of Art and Design, Hong Kong
5. Drexel University’s Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, Philadelphia, PA, USA
6. Fanshaw College, London, ON, Canada
7. Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
8. York University – School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (Cinema & Media Arts and Computational Arts), Toronto, ON, Canada
9. McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada
10. NSCAD, Halifax, NB, Canada
11. Parsons the New School, New York, NY, USA
12. Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC, Canada
13. Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA, USA
14. California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA, USA
15. Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art and Design, Toronto, ON, Canada
16. Rhode Island College of Art and Design, providence, RI, USA
17. OCADU, Toronto, ON, Canada
18. College of Makeup Art and Design, Toronto, ON, Canada
19. Animation Portfolio Workshop, Toronto, ON, Canada
20. Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Toronto, ON, Canada
21. Concordia University, Montreal, PQ, Canada
22. Watkins College of Art, Design & Film in Nashville, TN, USA
23. School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, USA
24. College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI, USA
25. California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA, USA
26. Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada
27. University of Toronto, Mississauga, ON, Canada
28. Bishop’s University, Sherbrooke, QC, Canada
29. Toronto School of Art, Toronto, ON, Canada
30. Camberwell College of Art, London, UK
31. Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK
32. Central Saint Martins, London, UK
33. London College of Communication, London, UK
34. London College of Fashion, London, UK
35. Wimbledon College of Arts, London, UK
36. Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Denver, CO, USA
37. Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA, USA
38. Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA, USA
39. Pratt MWP, Utica, NY, USA
40. San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA, USA
41. Yukon School of Visual Art, Dawson City, Yukon, Canada
42. Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA, USA
43. Stamps School of Art and Design, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
44. University of Toronto Mississauga, Mississauga, ON, Canada
45. Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
46. Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles, CA, USA
47. SAIC, Chicago, IL, USA
48. Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, AB, Canada
49. Paris College of Art, Paris, France
50. University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus, Kelowna, BC, Canada
51. Centennial College, Toronto, ON, Canada
52. University of Guelph-Humber, Toronto, ON, Canada
53. Brock University, St. Catharines, ON, Canada
54. Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland, OR, USA
55. University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada
56. George Brown College, Toronto, ON, Canada
57. Waterloo University Knowledge Integration, Waterloo, ON, Canada
58. Waterloo University Global Business and Digital Arts Program, Waterloo, ON, Canada
59. Guelph University, Guelph, ON, Canada
60. School of Creative Arts University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, Canada
61. Algoma University, Sault Ste Marie, ON, Canada
62. University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Meeting for all Parents of those in PD7

Please come to a meeting on Tuesday October 4th at 7pm in room 102 to discuss Portfolio Day responsibilities, applications, portfolios, scholarships, strategies for scholarships, and academic programs. We need everyone to participate as it is a very big job.

Thank you.

Matthew Varey

Parents of 2016/2017 grade 12’s

45% of ESA’s grade 12 students have signed up to participate in Portfolio Day 7 on October 28.

We can not afford to run PD7 with a 35% increase in participants over 2015 and meet our financial responsibilities. The Visual Art Department has paid for 100% of costs incurred in PD1-PD6. We have created a crowd funding campaign so that you are able to easily contribute to this event. If every participating student has $210 donated on their behalf we will be full steam ahead.

If we do not raise the required amount the event will be reconsidered. The Visual Art/Photography Department has grown significantly in the past three years which has increased our total expenditures. As well as more students to support, costs of supplies have jumped due to the dollar dropping and a natural inflation of prices – a triple hit to our budget.

If this does not happen the structure breaks and opportunities for non Visual Art students decrease – which we do not want.

Fundraising information is found here:

Only 6 days remain! Thank you!

Matthew Varey

Art + Portfolio Day News for Everyone Hoping to Participate in PD7

End of Year Exhibition + Sale
Thursday May 26 3.30-8pm. Tax receipts issued for purchases over $50 for 50% of total. Sales split 50/50 with artists. This is our primary fundraiser of the year. There will be more than 1000 things to see and lots of fun and stunning work to enjoy from grades 9-12. Please come – all are welcome – invite your friends and family!
We will have work in the first floor hall ways, the cafeteria, the gym, and rooms 100, 102, 107, 109

Portfolio Day 7 – October 28 2016
Schools from three countries have already confirmed to participate in PD7 –the earliest this has ever happened. It appears that our event has found its place on the calendars of post-secondary programs world wide and has become a key point in their recruiting year.

We hare attempting to crowd fund PD7. Our growing and enormous success with Portfolio Day means that PD7 will include all six majors and 43% of all grade 12 ESA students. This is a whole school effort. Jumping from 55 to 71 to 95 participants in three years increases the complexity, cost, and potential of this event. Paying for materials to make work, for display and hanging equipment, for specialised builds to create specific environments, for food for reps and kids, for documenting the work and process, for advertising for the exhibition portion etc all add up. PD6 involved approximately 1400 people including those visiting the show, and PD7 will be much more massive.

The plea for funds is not to help us do better but to manage doing it at all. Portfolio Day is now a twelve month a year commitment in its organizing and managing and funding, and its growth will continue. If we spend the same amount per person as for PD5, we need almost twice our budget for PD7, and of course every year our students raise their own understanding of what is possible. Portfolio Day is not just a school event any longer – this is possibly an historic catalyst in redefining what is to be expected from students and from education.

We are open to any possible funding source. The crowd funding event took considerable time, energy and money to produce and I hope that you will all do everything you can to support our children. Please email the link to contacts, share the link on social media, and encourage people to donate.

We will very soon need to replace our cameras and lenses in photography and so actually hope to raise something closer to $35000 in order to make this happen. Portfolio Day is too large to handle on our budget. For parents of grade 11 students who will be participating in PD7 I am asking that you take this on now and run with it – if every family of a participating student donates or finds donations of $200-$300 we will be successful. Portfolio Days at esa have contributed to scholarship offers in excess of $17000000.00.

All are welcome to join us to see the work in PD7 and visit with representatives from schools from around the world from 6.30-9pm on Friday October 28 2016.


Grier Drummond Solo Exhibition
Thursday May 26 7-10pm. Please come and support Grier in her first solo exhibition at Hashtag Gallery – head down after the vis art show!

Art Camp 2016
There are two potential art camps this July staffed by grads and current students.

Week one July 4-8 is for people of any age who are coming to esava for the first time and anyone wondering about the sorts of things we get up to.

Week two July 11-15 is an oil painting specific camp run with some of our best painters – 30 hours of studio time with materials and assistance and the opportunity to attempt multiple paintings with different approaches.

There is still lots of space in both camps – to find our more contact [email protected]

Thank you every one!
Instagram: esa_visual_art + esa__photography




Please Support Next Year’s Grade 12’s – Crowd Funding for PD7

We are officially launching our first Crowd Funding Campaign to assist with the costs of preparing for and hosting PD7.

Our seventh international portfolio day takes place on October 28th 2016. In order to support the 100 ESA students from all 6 majors who will work incredibly hard to present their best selves to representatives from as many as 60 schools from three continents we need your help in raising the funds necessary to make this happen.

In the past three years the number of esa students participating in Portfolio Day has nearly doubled. The costs associated with the day have increased due to the ambition of the students and the complexity of what they are making, as well as the realities of the Canadian dollar.

Please visit our Indiegogo page and watch our video made by an esa film grad and share the link as much as you are able.
Thank you!


Also, don’t forget about our year end exhibition and sale taking place at ESA on Thursday May 26 from 3.30-8pm! Tax receipts for 50% of purchases over $50.



Portfolio Day 2016

PD7 will be held on Friday October 28 2016 – the earliest it has ever been.

PD7 will involve the largest number of participating students ever. At this point we have 94 students registered and this number will grow. This is up from 71 in 2015 and 55 in 2014. There will be more art work than ever before – something in the order of 3200 pieces. And, hopefully, we will have more representatives and more participating schools than ever before. In order to ensure we have enough representatives arrive to visit all our students – nearly double in the past two years and involving students from all six majors – I will begin soliciting commitments from schools earlier than ever before.

This will be epic.

In order to pay for this increasing large/increasingly very expensive event we will soon launch our crowd funding campaign. We are hoping to raise $20 000 to cover the costs associated with this industry leading and possibly largest on planet best in world event that has, once again in 2015/2016, led to more scholarships than ever before in esava history. Stay tuned for our fundraising launch and please help.

Thank you!

Matthew Varey
Insta: esa_visual_art

ESA Nov 2015_095

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BIG WEEK for Visual Art!

BIG WEEK for Visual Art!

ESA Visual Art has FOUR exhibitions opening on two CONTINENTS and will finish the week with our fifth edition of the very popular ART TALK series!

Everyone is invited to our openings at the Project Gallery Studio Space for both Flora Aldridge and Xander Maclaren on Thursday March 3 – invitations are attached.

You are also invited to join Max Perone and his family at the opening of the 2016 Saatchi Gallery/ Deutsche Bank Art Prize for Schools which opens at Saatchi Gallery in London, UK this Wednesday March 2 at 7pm! www.saatchigallery.com/portfolio

Also on Wednesday back here at home we will have eight works in a group show hosted by Arts Etobicoke at Artscape Youngplace – 180 Shaw Street, 2nd Floor from 6:00pm-8:00pm.

I hope all of you will join us for Art Talk once again hosted by the very generous OCADU. Plan to be in the auditorium on the main floor at 100 McCaul Street by 7pm to ensure getting a seat as we usually hit capacity on the room. We have about 16 students in grades 10-12 who will talk about what they are interested in and what they are making. Should be an amazing evening!
Click Here for Invite

Thank you all for your continued support. We are having perhaps our most successful year for scholarships and exhibitions – and next year looks another block buster! We still have at least three US shows to announce for this year, and at least one more very significant international award on its way!

If you are in grades 6-8 and are thinking of applying to esava – I hope you can come to Art Talk 5 and bring your family!

Matthew Varey


ZANDER_5x5 V.2

Last Days to enter International Competition!

We are down to the last two days to enter the 2015 Scholastic Art and Writing Competition!

All esa students are encouraged to participate. There are many writing and art categories to enter.

Deadline is midnight on Wednesday!



Six years ago PD1 was very much about Portfolios. Now, as we reach towards PD6, it is also a cultural event, an exhibition, a celebration, a rethinking of the possibilities within art and education, an opportunity to practice speaking about the things we have thought about and made, an example of what is possible, and a meeting place of some incredible minds and potentials and future possibilities.

This year seventy 16 and 17 year old ESA students will present work to about a hundred and ten representatives from fifty-four post-secondary schools throughout the day. We welcome a visit by MOCCA Director David Liss as he curates our upcoming exhibition at York University. We will have visitors from the National Post and the CBC who will cover the event as it unfolds. We will welcome visits by high school and middle school teachers, curators, gallery owners, future students and their families, art consultants, art collectors, and professional artists.

WE INVITE everyone to join us from 7-9 pm to see the work and the show and certainly speak to the participants if you like. Portfolio Day is more about conversation than product, and we hope you get a chance to speak with us!

Parents of ESA students who have questions for the representatives are invited to join us at 6.30 in the library.

Parking will likely be an issue so arrive early to get a spot!

We will wait to sell work until Thursday May 26th at 3.30 pm but it is a good idea to document pieces you are interested in acquiring this year as the demand this year is already very high.

Stay tuned for dates for Art Talk 5 and Art Talk 6!

Instagram: esa_visual_art

Look for us on Akimbo


A Doll’s House CD/DVDs and T-shirts

Relive the magic of this year’s Drama MainStage production of A Doll’s House by purchasing a special edition CD/DVD of the performance! Copies are available from Ms. Brault for $10.

A limited number of commemorative t-shirts, in various sizes, are also available for $10 apiece.

To get your copy or reserve your size, please contact Ms. Brault at [email protected]

doll CD

SPLASH auditions for 2015/16 season

Open Dance Call will be on Tuesday, April 21 in R3
Please sign up on the registration posting outside the Cafeteria on the Music Theatre bulletin board.
There will be two scheduled times to audition: 3:30 – 5:15 and 5:30 – 7:15
Students should wear appropriate dance wear for the audition – bring character shoes and tap shoes (if you are an experience tapper).
Students from any major are encouraged to audition. We are looking to cast 32 women and 22 men (approximately). There will be a great variety of musical styles, choreography and several male/female acting roles as well.
There will be a vocal call back for certain auditionees scheduled for Thurs. April 23 from 3:30 – 7:30 in R3. Certain candidates may be asked to prepare 32 bars of a broadway song and/or specific music/excerpts from ‘Bombshell’ the Smash musical, which is available in our library. This year’s theme will focus on the rise to fame of Marilyn Monroe and will feature roles for strong dancers, singers and actors.
There is a heavy commitment involved with being a member of Splash, with rehearsals commencing in May on Tues/Thurs 3:30 – 5:30, until exam moratorium. There is a mandatory show choir camp from Aug 31 – Sept 2 and then rehearsals resume from Sept – mid April on Tues/Thurs 3:30 – 6:30 (general rehearsal times). The company continues to perform in the community for fundraisers and corporate gigs until June. There will also be a period from Oct 26-30 and Nov 2-6 where the company will be called every night (3:30 – 8pm) for the choreography and staging of the entire show with acclaimed Chicago based choreographer Mike Weaver, who will be at ESA for two weeks. Fees for Splash members will be approximately $800 this year, and the schedule of payment & special considerations can be negotiated privately upon acceptance. The fees will mainly cover the cost of guest instructors & choreographers, acting coaches, set/prop/costume designers fee & construction, musical arrangement licences, score rentals/purchases & orchestral arrangement & creation of tracks, certain travel costs and cargo transportation costs, costumes supplemented/uniform maintenance, and competition fees in some cases…. an extensive list of rewards.
There may be a special dance audition call on a lunch hour between April 22-24 for auditionees who are involved with the mandatory Dance Night tech rehearsals. TBA
We are in the midst of planning the show choir season for next year with engagements, gigs, festivals, travel and competitions. Once details are confirmed, we will let you know.
Please consider auditioning!

Summer Triple Threat Intensive / Dance Intensive at ESA


I am pleased to offer information on an exciting new master class series to train students in Voice, Acting, Stage Combat, Dance, Yoga, Acting for Film, Production Showcase and Audition Technique, as well as a new Intensive focused primarily on DANCE. Please consider registering for this exciting opportunity to train in Musical Theatre and Dance with the best teachers in the business! Don’t miss out. Registration is limited.

The Master Class Series

Train to be a TRIPLE THREAT – master classes in Voice, Acting, Stage Combat, Yoga, Production, Acting for Film and Dance audition technique. Top professionals from the theatre community (Canada, USA and Mexico City) will help you build confidence in your music theatre skills and/or dance skills. You will have a group warm up to develop your technique as a triple threat performer with Paul Aikins, Colleen Friedman and Michael Vieira from Etobicoke School of the Arts. You will then partake in a variety of master classes in the various disciplines and you will have a variety of choices in the elective classes offered. The final day will be a showcase of your talent development, production numbers on stage and mock dance auditions for a panel of judges in the industry, including Casting Directors and Agents from the most reputable agencies in the country. This panel will provide invaluable advice. Train with the best in the business! There will also be a theatre outing / workshop to see a local Broadway show performance of NEWSIES on Wednesday, July 8th @ 7:30pm – ticket is included with registration for the first 60 applicants. Scholarships and Bursaries are available upon request and financial need. Visit the website for details. The program is now currently 75% filled.

LOCATION: Etobicoke School of the Arts, 675 Royal York Road, Etobicoke, ON
TIME: 9:00 am – 5:00pm
WHEN: July 2 – 10, 2015
FEE: $625 (includes theatre ticket to NEWSIES on Wed. July 8 eve)
AGE: 12-21+(three levels will be created, based on your age & experience)
INSTRUCTORS: Best in the business from Toronto and Broadway stages and studios!
Limited number of Scholarships & Bursaries available! Details on website.
* there is an option to do the 2nd week only for $500