Parents of 2016/2017 grade 12’s

45% of ESA’s grade 12 students have signed up to participate in Portfolio Day 7 on October 28.

We can not afford to run PD7 with a 35% increase in participants over 2015 and meet our financial responsibilities. The Visual Art Department has paid for 100% of costs incurred in PD1-PD6. We have created a crowd funding campaign so that you are able to easily contribute to this event. If every participating student has $210 donated on their behalf we will be full steam ahead.

If we do not raise the required amount the event will be reconsidered. The Visual Art/Photography Department has grown significantly in the past three years which has increased our total expenditures. As well as more students to support, costs of supplies have jumped due to the dollar dropping and a natural inflation of prices – a triple hit to our budget.

If this does not happen the structure breaks and opportunities for non Visual Art students decrease – which we do not want.

Fundraising information is found here:

Only 6 days remain! Thank you!

Matthew Varey

Candlelight AIDS Vigil

Please come out and support Splash, and the kick off to PRIDE week at the Candlelight AIDS Vigil, Tues June 28 at dusk. Splash will perform ‘Don’t Forget Me’ and this will be particularly moving in wake of the recent tragedy in the US.

Location: Barbara Hall Memorial Park

519 Church Street (north of Wellesely St)

Art + Portfolio Day News for Everyone Hoping to Participate in PD7

End of Year Exhibition + Sale
Thursday May 26 3.30-8pm. Tax receipts issued for purchases over $50 for 50% of total. Sales split 50/50 with artists. This is our primary fundraiser of the year. There will be more than 1000 things to see and lots of fun and stunning work to enjoy from grades 9-12. Please come – all are welcome – invite your friends and family!
We will have work in the first floor hall ways, the cafeteria, the gym, and rooms 100, 102, 107, 109

Portfolio Day 7 – October 28 2016
Schools from three countries have already confirmed to participate in PD7 –the earliest this has ever happened. It appears that our event has found its place on the calendars of post-secondary programs world wide and has become a key point in their recruiting year.

We hare attempting to crowd fund PD7. Our growing and enormous success with Portfolio Day means that PD7 will include all six majors and 43% of all grade 12 ESA students. This is a whole school effort. Jumping from 55 to 71 to 95 participants in three years increases the complexity, cost, and potential of this event. Paying for materials to make work, for display and hanging equipment, for specialised builds to create specific environments, for food for reps and kids, for documenting the work and process, for advertising for the exhibition portion etc all add up. PD6 involved approximately 1400 people including those visiting the show, and PD7 will be much more massive.

The plea for funds is not to help us do better but to manage doing it at all. Portfolio Day is now a twelve month a year commitment in its organizing and managing and funding, and its growth will continue. If we spend the same amount per person as for PD5, we need almost twice our budget for PD7, and of course every year our students raise their own understanding of what is possible. Portfolio Day is not just a school event any longer – this is possibly an historic catalyst in redefining what is to be expected from students and from education.

We are open to any possible funding source. The crowd funding event took considerable time, energy and money to produce and I hope that you will all do everything you can to support our children. Please email the link to contacts, share the link on social media, and encourage people to donate.

We will very soon need to replace our cameras and lenses in photography and so actually hope to raise something closer to $35000 in order to make this happen. Portfolio Day is too large to handle on our budget. For parents of grade 11 students who will be participating in PD7 I am asking that you take this on now and run with it – if every family of a participating student donates or finds donations of $200-$300 we will be successful. Portfolio Days at esa have contributed to scholarship offers in excess of $17000000.00.

All are welcome to join us to see the work in PD7 and visit with representatives from schools from around the world from 6.30-9pm on Friday October 28 2016.

Grier Drummond Solo Exhibition
Thursday May 26 7-10pm. Please come and support Grier in her first solo exhibition at Hashtag Gallery – head down after the vis art show!

Art Camp 2016
There are two potential art camps this July staffed by grads and current students.

Week one July 4-8 is for people of any age who are coming to esava for the first time and anyone wondering about the sorts of things we get up to.

Week two July 11-15 is an oil painting specific camp run with some of our best painters – 30 hours of studio time with materials and assistance and the opportunity to attempt multiple paintings with different approaches.

There is still lots of space in both camps – to find our more contact [email protected]

Thank you every one!
Instagram: esa_visual_art + esa__photography




Please Support Next Year’s Grade 12’s – Crowd Funding for PD7

We are officially launching our first Crowd Funding Campaign to assist with the costs of preparing for and hosting PD7.

Our seventh international portfolio day takes place on October 28th 2016. In order to support the 100 ESA students from all 6 majors who will work incredibly hard to present their best selves to representatives from as many as 60 schools from three continents we need your help in raising the funds necessary to make this happen.

In the past three years the number of esa students participating in Portfolio Day has nearly doubled. The costs associated with the day have increased due to the ambition of the students and the complexity of what they are making, as well as the realities of the Canadian dollar.

Please visit our Indiegogo page and watch our video made by an esa film grad and share the link as much as you are able.
Thank you!

Also, don’t forget about our year end exhibition and sale taking place at ESA on Thursday May 26 from 3.30-8pm! Tax receipts for 50% of purchases over $50.



Gr. 12 Music Theatre Cabaret – Lula Lounge

Monday, June 6th will be a glorious good bye to our Grade 12 MT majors, featuring the entire class in an amazingly, entertaining showcase at the Lula Lounge.

Tickets for the show can be purchased online at

If you would like to book a dinner reservation, please call the Lula Lounge directly.

(416) 588-0307

You must purchase a ticket for the show online separately, in order to make a dinner reservation.

Please come out and support these talented Grads one last time!

QSP Magazine Subscription Renewal










It’s not too late!  You can still renew and purchase new subscriptions

online to benefit our school.  GIVE THE GIFT OF READING!

Simply go to , click SHOP NOW and search our school name.




Customer Service is always available at 1-800-667-2536

Triple Threat Intensive & Dance Intensive

This summer, from July 4-15, ESA will host The Master Class Series Triple Threat and Dance Intensive. This two week program will feature outstanding guest artists helping train young people in Musical Theatre and Dance.  There is limited space available.  Please visit the website for more information on the program and the guest artsists.  We look forward to an exciting workshop with the Canadian company of MATILDA, and will also experience the show live on Thurs. July th @ 6:45pm.

Anne of Green Gables

ESA student Ella Ballentine (Gr.9 Music Theatre) stars as Anne Shirley in the remake movie. It airs on Family Day Monday at 6pm Family Channel.


Show Choir Choir Final Payment due

Feb 01 is fast approaching for the final payment online of $492.50. Please ensure the final payment meets this deadline. Thank you.


JAMME for the Holidays

JAMME was in the recording studio last month creating JAMME for the Holidays, a seasonal fundraising album full of acappella versions of Christmas and winter favourites. The recording includes arrangements by the choir and Paul Ashkenas and an original composition by Darin Luscher. We are so proud of this CD and would love to share it with you and thank you in advance for your support!

CD’s will be available for sale at the following locations:

Lunches in the ESA foyer
Intermission at our Festive Celebration Concerts, December 2-4
Brentwood Library on Thursday, December 3rd at 4:30 p.m.
The One of a Kind Craft Show on Saturday, December 5 at 11:00 am

or on-line at

available now at

available now at

Festive Tickets NOW ON SALE!!!

Come to the Music and Music Theatre Department’s Festive Celebration – FEATURING our award winning ensembles Concert Band, Jamme, Wind Ensemble, Contemporary Strings, Chamber Choir, Concert Strings, Concert Choir, Glo, Stage Band, STRAD, WoCo, Symphony, Splash, and our TSO Choir! PLEASE BUY RAFFLE TICKETS FROM OUR STUDENTS OR AT THE CONCERT! Show time is 7:00pm this coming Wednesday-Friday. Show tickets available by clicking here.
Thanks for your continue support! Hope to see you there!

A Chorus Line January-February Schedule

Please review the schedule for the musical rehearsals. Looking forward to seeing all of you there! This is for both Grade 11 and 12.