Noah Brown at Project Gallery

Last year’s graduate Noah Brown will open his first solo exhibition in the Project Gallery main space next Friday evening. We hope you will join us to celebrate this remarkable event. Noah’s new work is stunning!

Noah Brown: Inna Di Morrows
Opening Reception: Thursday January 17th 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates: Jan 17-Feb 16 2019
Location: Project Gallery, 1210 Dundas St E

Project Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of work by Noah Brown running concurrently with Yung Yemi at our Dundas gallery.

Artist Statement:

“I create imagery though an interconnecting of fiber, my use of material and technique referencing both of my ethnic backgrounds. My dry-felted tapestries explore the harsh conditions of limited space that people of colour endure throughout experiences of oppression. This racially biased confinement runs continuously in our society. A result of such organized division has people growing up normalized to class-housing and prison.

This work claims justice against the imbalance of under-represented visual depictions of minority identities and fights the onslaught of depictions of radicalized people through the ongoing cycle of youth assuming tired and damaging stereotypes.

My self-portrait reflects on the need to question my ability to attain full potential when choosing not to ascribe to preconceived notions of identity. Another tapestry depicts a sitting person in a moment of reflection, their image immortalized without a face, without an individual’s identity.”

Noah J. Brown is a Toronto-based artist, designer, and curator. During his high school years, his talent was fostered at the Etobicoke School of Arts where he was discovered by Project Gallery. Known as the first teenager to display a solo show in a commercial gallery space, Brown also exhibited at the Albright Knox Museum in Buffalo and Art Gallery of Guelph. His work explores challenges of social frameworks resulting from cultural stereotyping and long lasting historical trauma of slavery. Identifying as androgynous, he expresses vulnerability by choosing mediums such as the jewelry, large dry-felted tapestries and porcelain sculpture. His intellectual subject matter has led to guest lectures at University of Toronto, OCAD, and Roncesvalles United Church. Brown’s future leads to New York where he is being presented with two Scholastic Gold medals and a scholarship to Cooper Union where he will further explore his fine arts abilities.

For more information please contact [email protected]

2017 Choreographic Workshop

Tickets are on sale now for the 2017 Choreographic Workshop. It is a wonderful evening of talent that is happening on November 8th, 2017 at the Nancy Main Theatre at ESA. For ticket information, please visit, or you are welcome to purchase tickets at the door at 6:00pm

Rio 2016!

We have had some amazing coverage this week around our assisting Moss + Lam in making parts of Canada House in Rio.

Spencer Julien was interviewed on CBC’s Here and Now and appeared on the CBC 6pm tv news. Here are two articles supporting the story:

ESA Contemporary Art in Rio 1

ESA Contemporary Art in Rio 2

Parents of 2016/2017 grade 12’s

45% of ESA’s grade 12 students have signed up to participate in Portfolio Day 7 on October 28.

We can not afford to run PD7 with a 35% increase in participants over 2015 and meet our financial responsibilities. The Visual Art Department has paid for 100% of costs incurred in PD1-PD6. We have created a crowd funding campaign so that you are able to easily contribute to this event. If every participating student has $210 donated on their behalf we will be full steam ahead.

If we do not raise the required amount the event will be reconsidered. The Visual Art/Photography Department has grown significantly in the past three years which has increased our total expenditures. As well as more students to support, costs of supplies have jumped due to the dollar dropping and a natural inflation of prices – a triple hit to our budget.

If this does not happen the structure breaks and opportunities for non Visual Art students decrease – which we do not want.

Fundraising information is found here:

Only 6 days remain! Thank you!

Matthew Varey

Summer Job Opportunity at Princess Margaret Hospital for Grade 12 Students

Summer Job Opportunity at Princess Margaret Hospital for Grade 12 Students:


The TDSB and ESA have not vetted this opportunity, we are merely providing you with information.

Max Perone in the news!

Max Perone in the news!

Good luck tonight Max & family!

click here to read the article

and click here to see the TDSB coverage


Summer Jobs with the Ontario Government

Attention students: You can apply for a summer job with the Ontario Government starting today!

There are over 80 job types available in a number of different work environments including: provincial parks, museums, offices, and forests.

Have fun while earning money and building your skills over the summer!

Visit and search by the “Student” Career level to see all job postings available.

ESA and TDSB have not vetted this job posting. We are solely providing you with this information.

Visual Art Update

A fast paced beginning to what is sure to be our most exciting school year yet!

Y Magazine out of New York just published an article featuring photographs by grade 12 Celeste Cares and grade 11 Lily Watson:

Celeste Cares and Calla McInnes were both in the first ever Teen Art Salon opening in the Lower East Side of New York City this weekend which saw a huge turnout of people and sales opportunities for both of Celeste’s very large paintings! Attached is a photo from the show.

I would like to ask that everyone join and share the public invitation to our Portfolio Day 6 Celebration at ESA – we hope you will join us at 7pm on Friday November 6th! Parents are invited to arrive at 6.30 to meet with representatives from many of the participating schools.

We also have several students with photographs in this month’s issue of PhotoEd Magazine!!current-issue/cee5


Gap Year Opportunities

Looking for a Gap Year experience?  Work, volunteer or study abroad…

Attend the Go Global Expo Sept 19-20. Visit the website for more information!

Planting the Planet Job Opportunity

Get a job as a tree-planter for the Spring/Summer.

For more information go to:

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Buffalo NY Exhibitions

Congratulations to Agnes Wong, Alie Rutty, Anneka Jin, Antoni James, Celeste Cares, Jessye Coleman-Shapiro, Malachi Wilson, Maria Glanfield, Nisha Raghukumar, Pia Graham, Sarah Pereux, Toko Hosoya, Tristan McGrath-Waugh, Varvara Nedilska, Alexandra Mihaila, and Brazil Gaffney-Knox on being accepted in the Albright Knox Future Curators 2015 Exhibition which opens Thursday, April 16, 5 – 8 pm at the Albright Knox Museum, and at the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology opening Thursday, April 23, 5 – 6:30 pm.

Whoo hoo!

March Break Training and Employment Opportunities

Please the attachments for more information.

ESA and the TDSB have not vetted this posting but are rather providing you with information.


March Break Job Fairs 2015

Student Guide to Job Fairs