Central Resetting of Student Account Passwords

All students are advised that TDSB IT Services has reset all student account passwords .

This central action helps reduce the effort required by the schools to reset passwords and reduces the disruption to classrooms during the September school opening timeframe.

All student passwords have been reset to the Student Shared Secret Password which consists of the last 4 digits of the student number (xxxx) followed by the two digit day and two digit month of student’s birthday. The format is xxxxddmm.

This central resetting may cause disruption in your ability to login remotely to your TDSB AW and Google Drive accounts on your personal devices until you validate your account on a school networked machine.

Students who are unable to authenticate their accounts using the password reset will need to drop into the Library – or find another school networked machine to login on – to reset passwords for seamless access once school begins on Tuesday September 8th.

Enjoy the rest of your summer holiday.