Choreographic Workshop and Arts Showcase: Tipping Point

Tonight’s the night! Fewer than 50 tickets remain as of this morning and they may be sold out today!

If you’re confused about how the night works we’ll be happy to explain in person. Come early and find one of the producers by the auditorium before the show starts (6:30 ish).

The entire audience will watch Choreographic workshop in the auditorium at 7:00 PM sharp.

Those who are staying will move on to one of five rotations seeing small room performances in the second half of the show. Those rotations will be chosen when you arrive before 7:00 PM. You can choose your room rotation based on the student(s) you’d like to see. (No one will see all the small rooms.)

The show promises to be unique, engaging and involve students from every major and grade. Not only that, but some proceeds from the night will be used to support indigenous water projects; a worthy cause indeed.