General Information

Class Schedule

School runs on a two-day schedule with 4 periods a day. Each week is either week A, or week B, and based on which week it is, the 2 afternoon classes are switched in order to ensure a student does not miss the same class every week for rehearsals or appointments. See the class schedule tables for more information.

Student Services

The Student Services Department consists of 2.5 counsellors and 1.5 special education teachers.

 Student Services assist students in transitions both from elementary to secondary and from secondary to college, university and the world of work by offering specific programs throughout the year. Student Services supports students in a variety of ways: individual counseling, educational planning, and facilitating post-secondary liaisons. 

Each student is assigned a counselor, but every student is welcome to seek help from any counselor regarding educational opportunities, career planning, study habits, course selections, tutor lists and personal concerns. Learn more about Student Services.

Peer Tutoring

If a student is experiencing difficulty with school work, it is recommended that he/she meet with the classroom teacher for extra help. All of ESA’s teachers are available for extra help – each has their own schedule and most meet students by appointment.
Another option to support a student who is having difficulty in a subject like math, theory, science, English or French, is peer tutoring. In consultation with the teachers, guidance counsellors draw up a tutor list from the grade 10-12 student population. options. Learn more about Peer Tutoring.

Community Service

All students must provide 40 hours of service to their community in order to earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. The 40 hours cannot be earned during school hours. Volunteer work completed in the summer before grade 9 cannot count towards this diploma requirement.

There are a number of different opportunities for students to earn their hours within the ESA community – learn more about community service.

All our performances and community events are hot tickets. Our students participate in many music concerts, drama productions, dance shows, film shows and visual arts exhibitions throughout the school year. 

Main events often run for three nights to sold-out audiences. Students are committed to the performance schedule. Our students rehearse at school for many hours beyond the school day. It’s a dynamic, creative world where our students practice, perform and create on their own, in small or large groups throughout the school.

Course Selection

ESA  is pleased to announce that our course selection for 2014-2015 will be done online through an exciting education planning resource available immediately to your students at school or from home.

With direct access from home, now parents can also get moreinformed and involved with their child’s education.  Log in and learn about courses, graduation requirements and the endless options available to your child. From their Profile, students will be able to set goals, save unlimited plans, short-list programs and occupations of interest, record extra-curricular activities and more.

To access the site, visit Students should have access through their email and established password. If they have not yet created an account, they can establish a new account by selecting Etobicoke School of the Arts.  They will need their OEN number (found on their report card) to access their plan for the first time.  Sessions will be held in February to help students pick their courses for next year using this tool.

Parents may also log on as a new user with a parent account – just follow the instructions on the website for this access.  Please contact the guidance department with any questions!

Student Council

The Student Council is your voice – the elected members who support the student body through special events. We are here to enhance your overall student life and create and foster an atmosphere of community throughout the school. We are also here as a bridge between parents, staff and administration through School Council, and represent your interests and passion for creative expression!
The Council is elected in May and holds weekly meetings throughout the year. A Grade 9 rep is elected in September to represent their year. We rely on the cooperation, support and enthusiasm of every student to make our endeavours successful, and make your year the best it can be.
The purchase of Student Activity cards makes it possible for the Student Council to sponsor various activities and projects in the school that directly benefit students. We also extend beyond ESA and raise funds each year for a chosen charity. Talk to your Student Council representative and let your voice be heard!

Clubs and Special Interest Groups

Beyond arts and athletic activities, our students get involved in student council, KOWS (kids offering willing support), Black history month, solstice, Christian fellowship, ECO schools, ESA ambassadors and Goatstock.


Intramural Sports

Our student-run athletic council supports numerous sports. Intramural sport offerings are decided based on student interest. We have a common lunch hour so that all students can participate in intramural activities. Most recently, we have offered: Badminton, Dodge Ball, Floor Hockey, Indoor Soccer, Table Tennis, Touch Football, Ultimate Frisbee and Volleyball.

School Teams

We compete in the West Region of the TDSSAA in the following sports: Cross Country, Swimming, Track and Field, Tennis, Hockey, Slo Pitch, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Volleyball, Ski & Snowboarding, Soccer and Golf. ESA has developed a strong history of competitive teams, including a recent run of championships. 2010/11 was another great year for athletics at ESA with representation in 19 team sports, our highest number of teams ever, as well as an active intramural program. Highlights included the Boys’ Hockey team coached by Mr. Hilborn and Mr. Johnson winning the West Region Championship. The Co-ed Volleyball team coached by Ms. Webber made it all the way to the City Finals tournament. A number of individuals on various teams advanced to OFSSAA in track, cross-country, swimming, snowboarding and skiing.