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Creative Teenagers and Stress- A Practical Approach to Heightening Emotional Resilience

We can not underestimate the impact of stress on the lives of teenagers, parents and families. Emotional resilience refers to one’s ability to adapt to stressful situations. Teenagers can be inherently resilient and can also learn additional skills to be able to navigate and adapt to life’s constant difficulties and changes. This presentation will assist you in developing additional skills to identify, address and discuss the major stressors specific to ESA students. In addition, we will discuss emotional resilience, identify traits and empower you to help your teenagers become more emotionally resilient. The presenter, Andrea Badgley M.S.W., RSW will draw upon actual case studies, current research and literature. Participants will have opportunity to ask questions during and after the presentation.

Date: Tuesday April 16th, 7 – 9 pm

Location: ESA Library

This presentation is brought to you by your School Council.


Arts Showcase Tickets on sale!

arts-showcase-sliderArts Showcase tickets are now on sale for Thursday, April 4 through Ticket Turtle. All tickets will give you access to all small rooms.  Arts Showcase will feature interdisciplinary performances by students in 5 different rooms (Auditorium, Cafeteria, Library, Room 100, Mini-theatre). All ticket buyers will rotate to all of the performances in five groups. Once you have purchased your online ticket, bring your confirmation email with you and you will be assigned to a group to see all of the various pieces. Show up by 6:40pm to be assigned to a group and head to your first room to begin your Arts Showcase experience. The show will start at 7:00pm and be over before 9:00pm.

Music Theatre Showcase – over 50% sold!

With just two weeks to go, tickets are selling fast for the Music Theatre Department’s annual Showcase, featuring their classes and ensembles in the final school performance. Visit the ticket website (through the homepage of to get your tickets for the April 12th concert before they sell out!


The OSSLT Literacy Test is scheduled for Thursday, April 11, 2013.  All grade 10 Students will be writing the test.  There will be no scheduled classes and no cafeteria services on that day.

In the afternoon, teachers will be available to meet with students for extra help, tutorials and rehearsals.

Please review the attached letter.

Thank you.

Overexposure is here and ESA’s Film of the Week

The Overexposure Film Fest is happening at3:30 in the Aud on Weds.  Five dollars or two non-perishable food items gets you in.

To celebrate, check out Man on Mars, a great film from Emily Badgley.



Chatroom: A Play by Enda Walsh

The Drama Department proudly presents Chatroom a play by Enda Walsh. In Chatroom six teenage characters communicate only via the Internet. Conversations range in subject from Britney Spears to Willy Wonka to – suicide: Jim is depressed and talks of ending his life and Eva and William decide to do their utmost to persuade him to carry out his threat. From this chilling premise is forged a funny, compelling and uplifting play that tackles the issues of teenage life head-on and with great understanding.

Chatroom would have been the Sears Festival entry for ESA, if not the political tumult in public schools. The students, under the shared direction of Andree Schuller and Julie King, have persevered, despite many challenges, and will proudly present this work on Thursday, March 28th at 4pm and 7pm in the Mini Theatre. The play is approximately 50 minutes in length. Admission is free.

Andree Schuller – Director
Julie King – Director
Maia Wyman – Stage Manager
Sarah Cash – Assistant Stage Manager
Zoe Van’t Hof – Lighting and Sound
Genvieve Madill – Lighting and Sound

David Woroner – Jim
William Montgomery – William
Adam Higgins – Jack
Ellie Ellwand – Laura
Nina Taylor – Eva
Carmen Pizzarro – Emily

Overexposure is nearly here

The Overexposure film fest happens on Weds. at 3:30 in the aud.

Tickets will be sold at the door and will cost $5 or two non-perishable food items.  All food will go to the Daily Bread Food Bank.



Due to an overwhelming number of students on field trips, the decision has been made to extend arts showcase auditions to Tuesday March 26. From 3:30 – 4:00 in drama rooms 110 and 111, we will have any auditions for groups or individuals that could not perform on Monday.

Holocaust Survivor, Mr. Max Eisen, at ESA

Max being interviewed by Natasha Fatah. Photo courtesy of Mark Ulster.

Max being interviewed by Natasha Fatah. Photo courtesy of Mark Ulster.

ESA’s Social Studies department is privileged to have Mr. Max Eisen visit the school to speak to grade ten history students. The ESA community is lucky to have such dynamic man enrich students’ learning.  Family members of ESA students are welcome to attend the assembly.

When: Thursday, March 28th, Period 2
Location: ESA Auditorium

Mr. Eisen, born in Czechoslovakia in 1929, arrived at the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1944.  He worked as a labourer, and subsisted on little more than 300 calories per day:  “There was a roaring hunger in your belly every minute. This was another world that no one can imagine unless you lived it. Their aim was to grind us away body and soul. But I had a tremendous will to go on. I didn’t want to wind up in the gas chamber.”  (Max, in the Toronto Star, May 8, 2008)

As the German armed forces faced imminent defeat in the winter of 1945, inmates were marched for five days to another concentration camp, Ebensee, in Austria.  Though he had survived Auschwitz and the death march, Max suffered from typhus in the last weeks of the war in Europe. After liberation, he faced years of a difficult recovery.  Max lived in an orphanage for several years and, in 1949, moved to Canada.

From his extended family of seventy, only Max and two cousins made it out of the camps.

Max is committed to teaching about the terrible history of the Holocaust, and he actively engages young people when he shares his memories with them.

For more information about Mr. Eisen, please see the following:

Upcoming Events


Mar 23             F.T. Splash @ Earth Hour, Roncie Village 8:30 (AIK)

Mar 25             F.T. SBI4U1-02 @ Science Center 9:00-4:00 (WEB)

                        F.T. Chamber & WOCO Choral Workshop @ U of T All Day (AMB/WAR)

Mar 27             F.T. Splash Performance @ Delisle Rocks 1:45-8:00 (AIK)

Apr 19             F.T. Splash @ Show Choir Workshop 11:30-3:10 (AIK)

Apr 20/21        F.T. Splash @ Show Choir Canada Competition All Day (AIK)

Apr 26             F.T. Music Theatre @ Performance of ‘Falsettos’ 11:30-3:10 (AIK)


The Arabian Nights at ESA

The Mini Theatre was transformed into magical Baghdad last week for The Arabian Nights – see the pictures in this post. The Arabian Nights (Mary Zimmerman’s interpretation of “One Thousand and One Nights) follows the story of a young King, Shahryar, and his quest to marry and kill a virgin girl every night, until finally there is only one girl left in the kingdom to marry. This young girl, Scheherazade, is suddenly faced with her impending doom. However, in her determination to postpone her execution, Scheherazade begins to tell her King a new story every night.

The cast of characters and interweaving plot lines transport not only Shahryar but also the audience and cast into a wonderful world filled with majestic colours, pathos and exoticism, all of which take place in the heart of Baghdad.


Mark Correia

Jester (and other)

Julie Ettlinger

Dance Girl (and other)

Georgia Findlay

Harun al Rashid (and other)

Christina Fox

Scheherezade (and other)

Sydney Francolini

Jesters Wife (and other)

Spencer Glassman

Girl (and other)

Anoop Isac

Principal Musician

Jinu Isac

Principal Musician

Reynard Khan

Pastry Cook, (and other)

Liam Kinahan

Madman (and other)

Ben Leja

Wazir (and other)

Michael McLaren

Shahyrar (and other)

Owen Mustos

Boy (and other)

Arielle Opler

Perfect Love (and other)

Sanjay Parker

Principal Musician (and other)

Lexxus Reid

Butcher (and other)

Lisa Saban

Dunyazade (and other)

Alana Staszyczyn

Principal Musician

Simon Topp

Clarinetist  (and other)



Sia Katsoupa


Katarina Vujic

Stage Manager

Katie Cohen

Technical Director, Lighting & Set Design

Matthew Morris

Composer, Vocal Coach

Gabby Kamino


Mr. Black

Production Advisor, Set Construction

Atousa Blair

Head of Make-up

Adri Collins

Head of Make-up

Alexa-Clare Bowie

Head of Costume

Andrea Verginella-Paina

Head of Costume

Elizabeth Rasiuk

Assistant Stage Manger

Sophia Romanchuk

Head of Props, Assistant Stage Manger

Lucie Quinlan

Assistant Stage Manger

Liza Syssova

Poster Design

Jason S.

Set Photographer

Rachel Acevisius, Mr. Foster, Mr. Black

Luke Mohan, Dante Pizzirusso, Andrew Young

Set Construction

Charlotte Brown, Claire Button,

 Xanath Fuentes-Natanson, Nicole Lane,

 Veronica Mederios, Maia Wyman

Make up/Costume Crew

The Arabian Nights

Arts Showcase auditions and tickets

Arts Showcase auditions are Monday March 25th after school.
Auditions start at 3:30 and are first come, first served in room 110 & 111.
See Mr. Payne, Ms. Benjafield, Mrs. Bourne or Mr. Cunningham for details.
We’re looking for pieces from any major, all majors and mixed majors.

Tickets for Arts Showcase will go on sale on Wednesday, March 27.