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Update On Summer Art Camp

Due to a lack of interest in week one, I cancelled week one July 2-5. At this point I hope to have the necessary numbers for the second week. My apologies to those who have submitted their application for both weeks. Please contact me if you have applied to both weeks and no longer wish to participate.

Art Camp 2013
July 8-12, 9am to 3pm

For those entering grade 9

Students who have been accepted into ESA for grade 9 in Visual Art are invited to enroll in our program that will assist in preparing for the four year ESA Visual Art program and help in developing thinking, analytical and creative skill sets. Last year parents and new grade nine students appreciated the opportunity to become acquainted with many of their future classmates, the school, and aspects of the ESA Visual Art program. I had a great deal of feedback about how this camp prepared students for grade 9 and helped to ease anxieties and stress around the transition to high school and to ESA. This is a great way for your child to make friends and begin to feel at home.

Participants will increase their appreciation for and develop a broader understanding of contemporary art, artists, and art practice. Thinking skills will be honed and goals for students will include a greater fluency with ideas, understanding several effective models for sourcing ideas of value, and becoming more familiar with the expectations and demands of a life in the arts. Participants will begin several projects, develop skills in verbalising and exchanging ideas during critiques, and look at contemporary art from around the world.

This is an excellent opportunity for people new to ESA to spend time with older and experienced members of our community in order to build familiarity and supportive relationships that will increase the degree of success in our environment. The world of ESA Visual Art is not necessarily one easily understood by outsiders due to the intensity of thought and quality of commitment by the majority of its members.

Portfolio Building Program 2013
July 8-12, 9am to 3pm

Students entering grades 10 – 12

Participants should propose a significant painting or series of paintings to me by the end of June, and will have access to me and ESA grads specialising in painting, providing an excellent opportunity to focus on portfolio and Portfolio Day preparation in a dedicated work space with concentrated focus on significant accomplishment. This is a rare opportunity for young people to experience studio life over a significant and dedicated block of time.

This camp will allow for students entering grades 10 – 12 to interact and build mentoring relationships with our new students, deepening their experience in the coming months and helping them to become leaders in future endeavours.

Both camps will be held at Etobicoke School of the Arts, 675 Royal York Road, Etobicoke

For questions or more information please contact me at [email protected]

A deposit of $200 will hold a place and will not be cashed until numbers are confirmed and camp is a 100% go.

Stratford Trip (Music Theatre & Dance) Final $200 due

STRATFORD TRIP INFO – Music Theatre & Dance
Friday, September 27

DEPARTURE: Charter Coach – ESA Friday, September 27 @ 8:00 am.
ARRIVAL: Stratford – Albert Street Inn @ 9:30am – luggage drop-off for shared accommodation

PERFORMANCE #1: 2:00pm – FIDDLER ON THE ROOF – Festival Theatre
DINNER: Students will be on their own to freshen up at hotel, and attend a variety of restaurants nearby the theatres, and will walk to the Festival Theatre for 7:45pm. Students will be given a map, and will be encouraged to remain in large groups.
Post-Show Chat with actors from the cast of Fiddler
PERFORMANCE #2: 8:00pm – ROMEO AND JULIET – Festival Theatre
HOTEL: Students will walk in a group back to the hotel to retire following the performance. CURFEW: 12:00am

Saturday, September 28

BREAKFAST: 9:00am Students will be on their own for breakfast in nearby restaurants/cafes.
WORKSHOP #2: 11:00am Festival Theatre: Students will be participate in
DANCE MASTER CLASS by cast performers from ‘Tommy’ for approximately one hour.
LUNCH: Students will be on their own for lunch in nearby restaurants/cafes or cafeteria
PERFORMANCE #3: 2:00pm TOMMY – Avon Theatre
DEPARTURE: 5:00pm Charter Coach departs theatre – arrival ESA at approximately 7:30pm.

TOTAL COST: $300.00 / student (includes 2 workshops / Post-Show Chat/3 Performances / Charter Bus Roundtrip / Shared Hotel Accommodation / Teacher Chaperones)
DEPOSIT (March 29, 2013) $100.00
EXTRA COST: Snacks, 1 Dinner, 1 Breakfast, 2 Lunches
(Cheques made payable to either ESA Music Theatre or ESA Dance)

CHAPERONES: Mr. Paul Aikins / Mr. David Ambrose / Ms. Patricia Warnock
Ms. Shari Wolfson / Ms. Gabby Kamino / Ms. Friedman

Grade 9 Shaftesbury “Best in Show” Award Winner: “Uprooted” by Carol Nguyen

Check out Carol’s award winning film.  It’s definitely worth your time.


Less Than A Week to Music Theatre Grad Showcase at Lula Lounge!

Next Tuesday night, the Lula Lounge will come alive with the performance of the graduating class of ESA’s Music Theatre Department. Join our Grade 12’s in their final performance featuring solos, small groups and large group numbers. Patrons have the option of guaranteeing the best seating by coming early and having dinner at the famous Lula Lounge prior to the show. Doors open for dinner at 6:30 and 7:00 for show-only patrons and the show starts at 7:30. To book your ticket (just $15 plus service charge, food and drink not included), click on the “Ticket” tab on the upper righthand corner of this page. See you there!

Grade 10 Shaftesbury “Best in Show” Award Winner: Chameleon” by Kalia Lenaghan

Check out Kalia Lenaghan’s award winning film.  Visually engaging and and thematically mature.


Art Show at ESA

The art show opening on Thursday was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who attended!

We will keep the show open until 5.30 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week for those who would like to see it!

We are selling a large percentage of the work to support our students and the Visual Art Department!

Those who purchased work on Thursday and Friday last week are able to pick up their new pieces this Friday.

Hope to see you here!

Matthew Varey

Summer Art Camp at ESA

Hello ESA Visual Art Community!

At this point we do not have enough people signed up for Art Camp. I am hoping that there is interest in the camp that has not been expressed so far and that in the next week people will indicate their desire to participate.

There are two camps!

One camp is for students who are new to ESA and this camp runs the first two weeks of July.

The second camp is for students already at ESA. This camp is scheduled for two weeks as well, although if folks were interested in attending only one week that is quite possible.

For information please email me at [email protected] or speak to me in person at the school for forms.

Thank you!

Matthew Varey

New Perks added to Splash’s Show Choir Riser Campaign

A Bohemian storm is brewing at ESA with the new Splash Company of 2014.
Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Love!! A story in living colour, moving art and Parisian love.


Canada’s #1 Show Choir needs your help!
Please support us in our efforts to purchase show choir risers. This $11,000.00 equipment is essential in the development of this talented group. We need your help and please help spread the word to many other hidden GLEEKS in the community.
If you havent yet had the time to look at the campaign, please look soon, so that we can make our campaign goal & deadline.

Click on the link and PLEASE SUPPORT SPLASH, and spread to as many people as you can.
Much appreciation and lots of JAZZ HANDS thrown your way?

Grade 11 Shaftesbury Award Winner: I Lost my Mind by Loulie McMaster

Check out Loulie’s dark comedy – featuring current ESA filmmaker Mark Belsky and recent ESA grad, Odessa Kelebay.  It’s just some mindless entertainment.


ESA Film Sweeps the Tiff Jump Cuts Festival

ESA Film continues to end the year on the highest of notes, as today marks an unprecedented clean sweep of the Tiff Jump Cuts Film Festival. The winners are:

1. Colin Robson – Graft – best animation

2. Dylan Vogel – Mixdown – best documentary (with the only honourable mention of the festival going to Manon Lemus for The Daddy Complex)

3. Callum Linden – Keepsake – best experimental

4. Loulie McMaster, Erika Verhagen and Mark Belsky – Mind Blowing – best fiction

Congrats to all of our filmmakers.


Grade 12 Shaftesbury Award Winner: Just Like That by Jaek Eastcott

Last week, ESA was home to Film Week, a celebration of the hardwork of the ESA Film Department.

After screening over 100 movies and having a Gala Showcase at the Tiff Bell Lightbox, Shaftesbury our corporate sponsor and one of Canada’s leading producers of original Television content, selected and awarded a “Best in Show” award to a film from each grade.

Winning the Grade 12 award is this thought-provoking comedy by Jaek Eastcott.  Check out “Just Like That” and stay tuned for the other winning films.


ESA Mock Trials — Legal Professionals Needed

There are close to 100 students enrolled in senior law courses at ESA and, each year, the students’ final learning demonstration is a series of in-class mock trials.

In total, the school will run 10 criminal mock trials:

 Monday, June 3rd

  • #1 — 8:48 to 10:06 a.m.
  • #2 — 12:30 to 1:45 p.m.
  • #3 — 3:15 to 4:15 p.m.

Tuesday, June 4th

  • #4 — 8:48 to 10:06 a.m.

 Wednesday, June 5th 

  • #5 — 8:48 to 10:06 a.m.
  • #6 — 12:30 to 1:45 p.m.

 Thursday, June 6th 

  • #7 — 8:48 to 10:06 a.m.
  • #8 — 1:55 to 3:00 p.m.
  • #9 — 3:15 to 4:15 p.m.
  • #10 — 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.

Students have a basic background in criminal law, have observed real trials in process and have received preparation materials for their own trials.

Getting support from legal professionals both in the preparation for and the execution of the trials would be appreciated.

Whether you are a practicing lawyer (in any type of law, not necessarily criminal) or not currently practicing but have trained in law, here’s how you could help:

  1. as a “coach” — you could “coach” one of the 20 teams. During the period from Monday May 27 to the time of a particular team’s trial (any time from Monday June 3 to Thursday June 6, a “coach” may make him/herself available to the students (via email or in person) to answer questions or assist in shaping the team’s approach to the case.
  2. as a “judge” — if you are available during one of the scheduled trials, you could act as a “judge.” The teacher takes care of the assessment of students’ learning skills, but a legal professional is a terrific addition to the trial because s/he can guide student role-players with his/her rulings (admission of evidence, objections, etc.) and, based on his/her training, can better advise students about the presentation of their case. The “judge” will make a final ruling of ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty,’ but students’ assessments are not based on whether the team wins or loses the case.

If you are interested and available to help out, either as a “coach” or a “judge,” please contact Linda Wolsley (teacher of CLU3M & CLU4U) at [email protected] She will assign you to work with a particular team, and will give those team members your email contact information. Also, if you act as a coach, she will provide you with a PDF of the team’s case file (from OBA archives of previous years’ mock trial competitions). If you are able to act as a judge, and depending on which trial you are available for, she will provide you with a PDF of that trial’s case file.

Past years’ legal volunteers have expressed how much fun they had and, based on student-feedback, the value added to the overall learning experience was tremendous.

Think about it and, if you have the time to volunteer, let the law teacher know.

Deadlines for contacting Linda Wolsley?

a) for interested ‘coaches’ — no later than Sunday May 26th

b) for interested ‘judges’ — no later than Wednesday May 29th

Please contact Linda Wolsley at [email protected]

Thank you.