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Celebrating “Unsung-Behind the Glee” in Toronto Life

If you haven’t seen the Documentary ‘Unsung-Behind the Glee’ check it out online. This  is in the new edition of Toronto Life.




The Inside Ride this Thursday at ESA

This event, organized by the Student Council, will raise funds to support children and their families living with and beyond childhood cancer. Please help us make a difference by riding or supporting a rider or a team…or just making a donation. It’s easy and fast – see  the ESA Inside Ride page. The event has corporate sponsorship, so 100% of we raise will go to help the kids.

Did you know?

  • Over 10,000 Canadian children are living with some aspect of cancer or long-term effects.
  • Every year, another 1,700 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer in Canada.
  • Cancer is the leading cause of non-accidental death in children in Canada.
  • More children die of cancer each year than any other disease combined.

Thank you!
ESA Student Council



Semi Formal tickets!

Hey ESA! Semi tickets and deposits will be available starting TOMORROW (January 14th) and all week during LUNCH!

Semi is taking place on Friday February 28th at Atlantis Pavilions! Our theme is “Under the Stars” and there will be a buffet dinner and dancing!

Deposits are $30 and full tickets are $60, either can be purchased this week at lunch in the foyer! The remaining half of the deposit must be paid by February 21st. Full price tickets will be sold the weeks of February 10th and 17th.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 12.34.35 PM

Volunteer Opportunity at Tangled ART

Tangled ART + Disability Festival is seeking senior students to volunteer at their 11th annual multidisciplinary festival.  Tangled ( formerly Abilities Arts festival) is one of Canada’s leading disability arts organizations dedicated to promoting and advancing the work of professional artists with disabilties.  The festival runs from April 11 to May 23.  They are looking for front of house volunteers.  Interested?  Please contact Rita Fraticelli the Executive Director 
Tangled Disability + Art at:  647-725-5064.  Check out their website: .   

ESA and the TDSB have not vetted this volunteer posting.  We do not endorse or recommend it, we are merely providing you with information.

School Council Meeting – Tuesday Jan. 14th, 7:30-9:00 pm; meet and greet 7:00-7:30, Library

We have a full and interesting agenda including a report on the environmental safety and air quality at ESA and a presentation on the possibility of turning ESA into a semestered school. Please join us for what should prove to be a very engaging and informative evening. Arrive at 7 pm for an opportunity to meet and greet before the meeting formally begins at 7:30.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Sandra and Tanja

School council Co-Chairs


Welcome and Introductions – Chairs – Sandra Finkelman and Tanja Corovic
1. Review and Approval of Previous Minutes
2. Follow-up from last meeting:
                2.1 Report on environmental safety inspection – guests:  Chris Broadbent, Manager of Occupational Health and Safety; Laurence Jaye, Regional Manager, Operations Area B
                2.2 Report on feedback from students re: commencement date – Katie Cohen
3. Reports
                3.1 Student Council Representative
                3.2 SESAT
                3.3 Staff Representative – guest: Laura Pong, ESA as a semestered school, pros and cons
                3.4 Parent Involvement Committee
4. Report from the Principal – Rob MacKinnon
5. New Business Items
6. Agenda items for next meeting
7. Adjournment

ESAInfo Calendar Off-line this Weekend

The school calendar is off-line for maintenance and will be back up Sunday evening by 9pm.

Semester 1 TDSB Elearning Reminder!

Students currently enrolled in a TDSB elearning course for semester one are reminded that their final exams for their elearning course will be written at York Mills C.I. on January 20th from 4 pm to 6 pm.  Remember to let your teachers know that you will be signing out early that day so that you can arrive on time for your exam.  Elearning students who have an IEP will need to ensure that they arrive at York Mills C.I. on January 20th for 3:30 pm.

Attention Grade 12s applying to School of Music at McGill U

The Schulich School of Music of McGill University, has extended their application deadline to February 1st 2014 for all applications to the academic year beginning September 2014.  Please note that all supporting documents must be submitted by this time as well.  Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.  Information on admissions as well as the on-line application can be found at .  Please feel free to contact the Recruitment & Admissions Department should you have any questions at: [email protected].

ESA Music Theatre presents Into The Woods!

ITW posterTickets are now on sale for Stephen Sondheim’s Into The Woods, a brilliant and edgy weaving of fairy tales featuring the students of Grade 11 and Grade 12 Music Theatre and the ESA Pit Orchestra. The Grade 11 production (Feb.11 at 7 pm and Feb 14 at 1 pm) features an abridged performance (roughly 70 minutes, no intermission). The Grade 12 production (Feb. 8 at 1 pm, Feb. 10, 12 and 13 at 7 pm) features the full show with intermission.

To purchase tickets, click on this link:
The Grade 11 production has the same cast for both performances. For the Grade 12 production, casting is as follows:
Feb. 10 and 13
Narrator- Marianna Viele
Cinderella – Lindsay Rolland Mills
Jack – Tyler Pearse
Jack’s Mother – Julia Simon
Baker – Michael MacLaren
Baker’s Wife – Hailey Balaz
Stepmother Dove Salsberg
Florinda – Grace Gilbert-Walters
Lucinda – Maria Rueda
Cinderella’s Mother – Martina Myskholid
Little Red – Sadie-Ann Hirschfield
Witch – Michaela Mar
Mysterious Man – Dylan Coutts
Wolves – Jamarie Brown and Eli Sokoloff Harris
Cinderella’s Father – Eli Sokoloff-Harris
Granny – Tess Lavelle-Sutton
Rapunzel – Jacoba Barber-Rozema
Rapunzel’s Prince – Joel Purvis
Cinderella’s Prince – Cooper Agar
Steward – Tristen Hewitt
Harp – Evelina Zoubareva
Milky White – Robbie Graham-Kuntz
Birds/Beanstalk/Ensemble – Olivia Warner, Jesica Cuaresma, Jessica Tumen-Ulzii, Akilah Chichester-Jameer, Rebecca Mudrick, Richard Goodman

Feb. 8 and 12
Narrator – Katie Gorham
Cinderella – Lindsay Rolland Mills
Jack – Tyler Pearse
Jack’s Mother – Shernelle Phillip
Baker – Shawn Molko
Baker’s Wife – Leah Hamid
Stepmother – Amanda Berger
Florinda – Zoe da Silva
Lucinda – Isabella Grossi
Cinderella’s Mother – Sophie Sutcliffe
Little Red – Sadie-Ann Hirschfield
Witch – Rachel Cvecich
Mysterious Man – Dylan Coutts
Wolves – Jamarie Brown and Eli Sokoloff Harris
Cinderella’s Father – Eli-Sokoloff Harris
Granny – Tess Lavelle-Sutton
Rapunzel – Cassandra Reid
Rapunzel’s Prince – Joel Purvis
Cinderella’s Prince – Tristen Hewitt
Steward – Cooper Agar
Harp – Nailah Ramcharan-Gibbs
Milky White – Evelina Zoubareva
Birds/Beanstalk/Ensemble – Olivia Warner, Jesica Cuaresma, Jessica Tumen-Ulzii, Akilah Chichester-Jameer, Rebecca Mudrick, Richard Goodman

Audition Day help needed

In order for Audition Day to run as smoothly as possible, we need a dedicated group of parents and students to be the calm voice of reason in the mayhem that whirls around the school on this day. We require people out in the hallways to direct traffic and we also need people to organize the food we provide to the adjudicators and students that help them. Your day would start at 8:00am and end at approximately 3:00pm next Friday January 17th. This message is directed towards the parents at the school as the Guidance Counsellors are coordinating all the student volunteers.

If you are able to help please email Kim at  [email protected] who is coordinating the parent volunteers.

ESA hosts The Inside Ride!

ESA Student Council  hosts The Inside Ride to raise funds to support kids and families dealing with pediatric cancer. ESA’s second Inside Ride is January 16th! Sign up and donation forms are available here online.

We’re extremely excited to be supporting such a fantastic cause and are looking forward to event day! Learn more about The Inside Ride and kids cancer here.


Scholastic Art and Writing!

Scholastic Art and Writing!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

We set a new ESA record with 223 students submitting 3041 entries!

Our previous best was 85 students submitting 1150 entries – last year!
Stay tuned for first round results!

M. Varey