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Yearbook Distribution

Yearbook distribution will take place in room 219 on the following dates:  June 10th (a.m.), June 12th (p.m.), June 15th (p.m.), June 17th (p.m.), and June 23 (a.m.).

Spring Cleaning?

Please think of ESA as you do your spring cleaning.
 It is never too early to start gathering items for the Silent Auction!  So, if you find any new items you bought and cannot use or have received as gifts that missed the mark, we will put them to good use and can even issue a tax donation for items valued over $25.
 Please label them for SESAT and bring them to the school office.   Thank you.

2015/16 SESAT Volunteers Wanted – We’re busy having fun and need you!

The 2014-2015 School year may be coming to a close but SESAT (Supporters of Etobicoke School of the Arts Talent”) is just gearing up, preparing to make next year better than ever!

This doesn’t happen without effort, commitment and LOTS OF HANDS! Won’t you join us?

SESAT has all kinds of opportunities for volunteers, roles that can fit into anyone’s schedule. There are big and small tasks that all require someone to own them and love them.

Current Openings:

OFFICER ROLE: Yearly position – approximately 5-10 hours per month

Correspondence Secretary –  Facilitates internal communication between key members of our ESA community including ACLs, School & Student Councils, ESA Alumni and Arts Majors Representatives


Food Court Coordinator (September to November) –  approximately 40 – 50 hours focused on the Craft Fair & Silent Auction fundraiser

Public Relations/Media Coordinator (all year) – project based – liaise with media/community partners/businesses/residents and local government

Advertising Coordinator (all year) –  project based – facilitate advertising for major events (i.e. Craft Fair & Silent Auction)

Merchandising Coordinator (all year) –  project based – oversee the design and development of SESAT merchandise (apparel and promotional products)


Concession/Information Representatives – all year as your schedule permits – each event shift is between 2-4 hours – to open/close the booth, sell food/drinks/merchandise and share information at school shows and events

Supply Representatives – all year, in advance of events – approximately 1-2 hours to purchase and deliver items to the concession booth (e.g. water, pop, cookies, flowers, etc.)

To find out more about these roles or to get started, email us at [email protected]

And……Don’t forget to come out to our 2015-2016 SESAT planning session on Monday, June 15, 6:30pm at Artisano’s located at 1020 Islington Avenue – See you there!

Library Hours and Closures… and Outstanding Book Returns

Please be advised that the Library is now CLOSED for general access.  Set-up for exams being written in the Library will begin on Monday morning.

The Library will remain closed – except to students writing their exams in the Library – until the end of the exam period, Monday June 22nd.

After exams, the Library will generally be open from 8am until 3pm, barring any closures for meetings or other end of year celebrations.


Thank you to everyone who has returned their Library materials.  More than half of the items which were outstanding at the close of circulation have been returned.  The first round of phone calls home has been made. Phone calls will be made again, as necessary, later next week.

If you still have outstanding books to return to the Library…

  • during the exam period, please leave any books, or other circulating items, in the box on the bench in the Main Office
  • on Student Contact Day, Tuesday June 23rd, please bring items directly to the Library, and place them in the book return

Many thanks for your assistance in getting all books returned and accounted for in a timely fashion.


If you are graduating and planning to attend a post-secondary institution (college or university), then you should make an appointment with the accessibility services department of your chosen institution now!  When you go to the appointment, you should take:

– your current IEP

-any psychology, medical, or occupational therapy reports that you might have

-any other documentation that supports your need for accommodations

-if you require a private dorm room in order to focus on your work, then you should get your doctor or psychologist to write you a letter saying that because of your learning disability, you need a private room in order to best access your curriculum

At the appointment, they will look at all of your information, and inform you of next steps to obtain accommodations with them.  If they want further testing, they will let you know what they want.  If you qualify for OSAP, then the testing may be covered.  They will let you know the procedures that you will need to follow next year.  You should not leave this until the fall – the onus will be on you to self-advocate.

If you have any questions, or would like to get a copy of your IEP with a note added about which accommodations you used in high school, please see Mrs. Graydon in room 210 on Monday June 8 between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.



Letters, Vol I: ESA’s own Creative Writing Publication

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 3.47.52 PM

Letters, Vol I

ESA’s first (annual) publication of student poetry and prose has arrived!

Under the creative direction of Sauvanne Margaux, this publication includes work from 27 ESA students.

Every student who contributed will receive their own personal copy of the publication. A limited number of additional copies are available for $10 per copy.  The book will be on display, and available for sale, at lunch in the Foyer on Friday, June 5th.  Else, please contact Ms. Wray ([email protected]).

Registered with Library and Archives Canada – this volume has a registered ISBN number – the participating students may now lay claim to having been, officially, published!

Congratulations to all involved in the project.  We look forward to continuing the project next year, under the Creative Direction of our two new editors, Rachel Carmichael Campbell and Spencer Cetinic.

Student authors published in this project should drop by the Foyer at the start of lunch to pick up their personal copy.

Dance Night DVDs Are Ready for Pickup

To everyone that ordered a dance night DVD, please ensure that you pick it up from Ms.Wolfson ASAP.

Book Sale!!

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 12.59.25 PMThe Library is having an(other) end of year Book Sale.  The sale starts, officially, on Wednesday June 3rd.

We have just finished another intensive weeding of the fiction collection – both Adult and Young Adult – so there is lots available.

In additional to the regular sale bin, there is an additional book truck full of goodies by the Circulation Desk.  Drop by and stock up on summer reading.

Hardcover $1 each.  Paperbacks 50 cents, or less.

And yes, we will be serving tea, starting at 8am.  Bring your own mug.

Athletic Awards and Goodbye to Coach Hilborn

The Athletic Awards will be given out on Wednesday, June 3rd At 3:30 in the Gymnasium. Please feel free to come on out and say good bye to Coach Hilborn who will be attending his last awards assembly as a Teacher and Coach at ESA. The better part of his career was spent at ESA and he has now decided that; “It is a great day to retire.” Pizza and refreshments to follow. Also a challenge game between the boys and girls soccer teams will take place on the field after the awards.

The following students are up for an award;

Natalia Stanojevic

Camryn Nystrom

Alexei Halket

Matias Bessai

Pascale Gendron

Hailey Greenough

Molly Raymond

Claire Lawson

Paige Court

Alyssa Derezycky

Nicole Brink

Kathryn Murray

Jasmine Hanna

Will Graham

Theo Klaver

Nick Kaegi

Eellis Remy

Alastair Van Voorthuizen

Joshua Carrasco

Connor Thomas

Malte Zumbansen

Alice Santilli

Lucy Carolan

Chiara Ferrero-Wong

Ian Hogeboom-Burr

Seth Zosky-Shiller

Linden Phillips

Tega Paul

Stefan Jemuovic

Jelena Gajdel

Shellicka Anglin

Nicole Felcenloben

Macy Kerrigan

Jenoya Tinker

Andrew Young

Adam Alfray

Alegra Kandiyoti

Emily Lobb

Olivia Bowe

Morgan Green

Emily Wedde

Micaela McNulty

Ben Evans-Duran

Riley Roe

Haddie Hamilton

Shiloh Light Barnes

Jacob Edwards

Carol Nguyen

Jessye Coleman-Shapiro

Matthew Galamaga

Jalon White

Phoebe Wolfe

Jenna Ladd

Lucy Welsh

Jonas Pikelin

Sabrina Flores


Hope to see you there! Go Eagles!


High Park Nature Centre Seeking Camp Counsellor

High Park Nature Centre is currently recruiting summer volunteers for their 2015 Summer Camp programs. For further details, please refer to the link below:

The TDSB and ESA have not vetted this position nor are we endorsing it.  We are merely providing you with information about this community opportunity.