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Art Show!

Please join us Thursday May 25 for our end of the year show and sale at ESA!
Cash and cheques – 50% of total sales over $40 eligible for a tax receipt

30 Hour Famine: June 2nd and 3rd

ESA’s Annual 30-Hour Famine will take place June 2nd and 3rd, 2017.

The 30 Hour Famine is a global youth movement to end hunger. In developing countries, those with no access to food or the basic necessities of life, struggle every day to survive. Every year, thousands of youth come together; we challenge ourselves to fast for 30 Hours, learn about hunger, and raise money to help create change. It’s about battling hunger and making the world a better place for children everywhere.

Students may pick up registration packages in the Library from Ms. Wray.

Calling all Gardeners! Help Wanted…

After school this Friday, May 26th.  Starting at 3:30pm…  we work until we’re finished… expect to be finished by 5:30 to 6:00pm.

  • We’ll be planting the new bed in behind the new bike racks – and mulching everything from the sumac bed at the street to the butterfly garden on the exterior wall of the Mini-Theatre.

Community service hours apply for all student helpers.

Send an e-mail to [email protected] to advise if you will be joining us.

  • Wear grubby clothes.
  • Bring your own canteen.
  • We’ll provide snacks to keep you going until dinner.


Library Closures

Two closures of note.

Wednesday May 24th: As noted on the announcements on Tuesday morning…

  • The Library will be closed before school on Wednesday for the Staff Appreciation Brunch hosted by Music Theatre and the Show Choir parent group.
  • Thank you in advance for what we’re sure will be a most delicious feast!

Friday May 26th: The Library will be CLOSED all morning, except for invited classes.

  • We are looking forward to our final Visiting Author session for this year.
  • We are the ‘winners’ of a free session with TDSB Writer in Residence Jael Richardson.
  • Free visits with TDSB Writers in Residence are one of the benefits of participating in the TDSB Just Read It! programme.
  • Thanks to everyone in the ESA community who submitted book recommendations to Just Read It!… It’s because of you we’re getting this morning of workshops.  Keep submitting!!




There are close to 70 students enrolled in senior law courses at ESA and, each year, the students’ final term activity is a series of in-class mock trials.

In total, the school will run 7 criminal mock trials.


Trial 1 – 1:55 p.m. until 4:15 p.m. – grade 12s – R. v. Surette


Trial 2 — 8:00 until 10:05 a.m. – grade 12s – R. v. O’Neill


Trial 3 – 8:20 a.m. until 10:05 a.m. – grade 11s – R. v. Throxalon


Trial 4 – 8:00 a.m. until 10:05 a.m. — grade 12s – R. v. Surette


Trial 5 – 8:20 a.m. until 10:05 a.m. –- grade 11s – R. v. Thompson

Trial 6 – 11:45 a.m. until 1:45 p.m. – grade 12s – R. v. O’Neill


Trial 7 – 8:20 a.m. until 10:05 a.m. – grade 11s – R.v. Von Chovi


Students have a basic background in criminal law, have observed real trials in process and have received preparation materials for their own trials.

Getting support from legal professionals both in the preparation for and the execution of the trials would be appreciated.

Whether you are a practicing lawyer (in any type of law, not necessarily criminal) or not currently practicing but have trained in law, here’s how you could help:

1.  as a “coach” — you could advise one of the 14 teams.   During the period from May 26 to the time of a particular team’s trial (any time from Wednesday May 31 to Thursday June 8), a “coach” may make him/herself available to the students (via email or in person) to answer questions or assist in shaping the team’s approach to the case.

2.  as a “judge” — if you are available during one of the scheduled trials, you could act as a “judge.”  The teacher takes care of the assessment of students’ learning skills, but a legal professional is a terrific addition to the trial because s/he can guide student role-players with his/her rulings (admission of evidence, objections, etc.) and, based on his/her training, can better advise students about the presentation of their case.  The “judge” will make a final ruling of ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty,’ but students’ assessments are not based on whether the team wins or loses the case.

If you are interested and available to help out, either as a “coach” or a “judge,” please contact Emily McInnes (teacher of CLU3M & CLU4U) at [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]ca>.  If you act as a coach, she will assign you to work with a particular team, and will give those team members your email contact information.  She will also provide you with a PDF of the team’s case file (from OBA archives of previous years’ mock trial competitions).   If you are able to act as a judge, and depending on which trial you are available for, she will provide you with a PDF of that trial’s case file.

Past years’ legal volunteers have expressed how much fun they had and, based on student-feedback, the value added to the overall learning experience was tremendous.

Think about it and, if you have the time to volunteer, let the law teacher know (for volunteer coaches, by Friday May 26 and, for volunteer ‘judges’, by Sunday May 28).

Thank you

Snack Shack is open Tuesday May 23rd starting at 2:45pm in the main lobby.

The plan is to have the Shack open Tuesdays until the week of June 5th so continue to remind your students to come on out and have a smoothie or another great option from our selection of healthy snacks.

This program has been a tremendous success and we thank you and the students for contributing to that success.  While we will board up the shack for the season soon, we look forward to a fresh start next school year and hope to add yet more variety to our healthy selection.

Thanks a ton.

The SESAT (Supporters of ESA Talent) Team

Yard Sale is Saturday May 27th 9am-2pm. This is your last week to drop off donations. We welcome them!

SESAT volunteers are available this week during the following dates and times so you can drop off your donations to the sale.   They can be dropped off in the South Parking Lot at the Shipping Container.


Wednesday May 24th to Friday May 26th 




Saturday May 27th 

7am -9am


We also hope to see you at the Sale on Saturday!


Thanks for your support in advance!

And the Winners of the 6th Annual Shaftesbury Best in Show Awards are:

Presented by distinguished ESA alum, Mouna Traore, Shaftesbury – one of Canada’s leading content creators –  continued their long standing support of ESA filmmakers with the sixth annual Best in Show awards.

The winners are:

Grade 9 – Wavy Head by Max Shoham

Grade 10 – The Count of Park Lawn Cemetery by Dexter Huizenga

Grade 11 – You look nothing like your mother by Ava Young

Grade 12 – Jailbirds by Ryan Manning

Congrats to all of our filmmakers for a wonderful run.

Library Circulation Closing June 2nd: Bring it Back!

Further to the daily announcements and the postings around the school…

Library circulation closes on June 2nd.

  • All items on loan are due back by no later than that date.
  • Any new loans are also due back on June 2nd, regardless of what the circulation period should be (i.e. 3 weeks for general materials).

We have been ‘chasing’ Grade 12 students these last two weeks… including starting to make phone calls home.

  • Reminder that all students with overdue items receive a weekly overdue notice to their TDSB student e-mail address.
  • Additionally your HF teacher receives a notification each week and – hopefully – reminds you to ‘Bring It Back!’
  • You can also check – and manage – your Library loans yourself by logging on at the ESA Virtual Library Catalogue.
  • Avoid that dreaded phone call home by returning your materials and settling up any late fines… (we make deals on fines!!  Ask us!)

Summer circulation – for return the first day back to school in September – takes place the last week of June – after exams.

  • Students and Staff may borrow books over the summer.
  • Check out the ESA Library Pinterest page to peruse the new titles you might want to take home to read this summer.
  • Remember to check the ESA Library catalogue for all titles available.

SESAT Yard Sale: Book Donations

Thank you to everyone who has been dropping off books for our book drive for the Children’s Book Bank.

Some folks have dropped off books in lovely canvas bags.

  • If you’d like your bag(s) back, we have it/them in the Library.
  • Send the student in your house in to claim your bag(s).
  • Be sure they know what they’re looking for as we don’t know which bags came from where…  they’ve just all appeared!

If you have books which are not suitable for the Children’s Book Bank, but you think they might suit our ESA Library collection, please also drop them off.

  • We’re delighted to take a peak.
  • Any titles not suitable for cataloguing or needed for the collection will go to our Used Book Sale truck.

The Final Night of Film Week is upon us…

After two terrific nights in the Nancy Main auditorium and a fantastic send off to our grads at the sold-out Grad Gala on Wednesday night, ESA Film has one last trick up its sleeve.

On Thursday evening, Film Week returns to ESA for its final event.  25 brand new films will be screened for the first time anywhere and (if that weren’t enough), Mouna Traore (ESA Alum and television star) will present the 6th annual Shaftesbury Best in Show awards.

Tickets are available here, at lunch in the foyer or at the door tomorrow evening.


Film Week – one night down/ three to go

If you missed Monday night’s show, there are still three opportunities to experience the work of ESA’s Film majors.

Tickets for each show are available here.

Tuesday night marks Night #2 of Film Week – 25+ all new films debuting for the first time ever.

Wednesday night sees ESA’s Grad Gala take over The Tiff Bell Lightbox – a final goodbye to our grade 12s.

And Thursday night is the final night of Film Week – another brand new batch of premieres, followed by The 6th annual Shaftesbury Best in Show Awards, hosted by Mouna Traore, ESA grad and big time TV star.