Exciting Times

For each of the past four years we have reported phenomenal results regarding scholarships and offers to our students. We may have received the highest number of “top” scholarships and the highest number of scholarship dollars per student of any art program in the world.

Post-secondary schools have a very small number of their “most prestigious” scholarships on offer annually. For one of our students to receive one of these scholarships is an honor and true success. We are only half way into receiving offers but I wanted to share some news.

At time of writing, ESA Visual Art and Photography students have received 20 offers of a top or most-prestigious scholarship from four of the most significant schools in the world. Twenty of our kids have been chosen as the most desirable artists on the planet.

This number may double by May 1st. We were told by several school representatives on Portfolio Day that there is nothing like ESA on the planet, or that we are amongst the company of one or two other programs in the world. These numbers provide proof that this may be true.

This success comes with responsibility and we have great ambitions. I would like us to participate in Art Toronto this year. We would love our own exhibition space in the west end of the city. We want to help Toronto become the second most desirable place in the world for art education.

Thank you for coming to Art Talk 4 – we had 300+ people in attendance and ended with an emotional standing ovation. Videos will be posted on esava.ca Art Talk 5 needs a home and we will likely provide details soon.

We look forward to upcoming shows in the Contact Photography Festival opening 6-8pm May 22nd at Artscape Youngspace on Shaw St. This spring we will be exhibiting in New York and at the Albright Knox Museum in Buffalo. Grade 12 student Pia Graham will be exhibiting at the Saatchi Gallery in London, UK in April. The grade 12’s are hoping to exhibit one last time together so watch for an announcement. Our end of year show and sale is Thursday May 21st at 3.30pm.

Thank you for the continued support in helping us build esava! These are exciting times!

Matthew Varey
Instagram: esa_visual_art