Thank you for supporting the Inside Ride!

On January 13th, 203 riders and volunteers came together for the first Inside Ride at ESA. Their goal – to raise $7,500 for pediatric cancer. In a couple of hours,  they raised over $13,700! 100% of the funds raised go to initiatives that support kids and their families living with and beyond cancer… initiatives like special camps that let kids be kids.

 “Every person is a part of creating awareness for childhood cancer.  No matter how much you have fundraised, every single dollar makes a difference.

Camp is a direct route to childhood; something that kids with cancer are robbed of when they are diagnosed.  The camps funded in this event are able to bring some of that childhood back and let kids be kids again.

Kids just want to play.  They could care less how sick they feel.  But when a child is too sick to play, that is when cancer robs them of childhood and camp is one of the ways that kids can be themselves, fool around, and play without the restrictions of being sick.

The money raised lets kids play again.  I want to thank everybody for being the people to make change and let kids with cancer play again.”

Adam Fedosoff (April 15, 1994 – March 11, 2012)

Thank you to the bikers, ballerina’s, pirates, buddies, ninja’s, tanks, consultants, brothers, girlz, warriors, avengers, beans, hosers and candy canes…to team remission, Dumbledore’s army, the awkwards, the mystery team, the fellowship, n’shape, and splitz, those shooting starts, team butt, Holly’s herd and Hannah’s gang. To the volunteers, the Coast to Coast team and those who generously donated. To the entire ESA community for coming out and supporting the ride…13,700+ thank you’s!!!