Grade 10 Civics: Citizenship Challenge

This week, all Grade 10 students currently taking Civics gathered in the Library as follows:

  • Wed Nov 16th
    Per 3 Snyders
    Per 4 Mandl
  • Thurs Nov 17th
    Per 8 Snyders

At those times, the students took the online Citizenship Challenge.

  • Presented by Historica Canada through funding from the Government of Canada, the Citizenship Challenge asks Canadians to test their national knowledge by studying for and writing a mock citizenship exam in French or English.

After taking the quiz, we had a little Citizenship Celebration.

  • Every student who participated received their own Canada lapel pin, courtesy of our local MPP for Etobicoke-Lakeshore, Mr. James Maloney.
  • The top student in each class also received a very special something, courtesy of the ESA Library.  Congratulations go to Victoria Voiadzis, Bill Shao and Camille Labonte who each took home a copy of Will Ferguson’s How to Be Canadian.

Most of the students scored high enough to be entered in the draw for great prizes…  including the chance to win a trip to Ottawa to take part in 15oth Anniversary celebrations next year.