Grade 9 Exam Preparation Seminars

As part of our Student Success Initiative at the school, all grade 9 students were given a seminar on exam preparation and exam writing.  The seminars took place during science class on Monday and Tuesday Jan. 11 & 12.  If your child was absent for science on those days, they will be offered the chance to attend the seminar on Tuesday January 19, at 8:55 a.m. in room S24.  They should check in with their period 1 teacher before proceeding to the seminar.

Students were given a bright yellow handout, that included steps for being successful in exams, a calendar to help plan study time, and a series of study methods.  Students are encouraged to use the information to help them effectively prepare for their exams.  The students were encouraged to ask their family members to help them get ready for their exams.   Being prepared for exams is the best road to success!