Library Access: Week of September 18th

We have another busy week in the Library – indeed at ESA – this week, with lots of special events.

Monday Sept 18th

  • Open before school and at lunch.
  • Closed after school for an ACL meeting.
  • Open for students on spares, all periods.

Tuesday Sept 19th

  • Closed before school and at lunchtime on account of GR 9 Wellness Morning.
  • Open after school.
  • Closed all morning to students on spares (GR 9 Wellness Morning).
  • Closed all afternoon for ARTS afternoon activities (Music will be holding a Jazz session in the Library for the afternoon).

Wednesday Sept 20th

  • Open all day and all spares!!

Thursday Sept 21st

  • Open all day and all spares!!

Friday Sept 21st

  • Open before school.
  • CLUB FAIR at lunch!  Come one, come all.  Learn about all of the fabulous non-ARTS extra-curricular activities ESA has to offer.  You will be amazed at how much there is.  Sign-up for your favourites.
  • CLOSED second period for Club Fair set-up.
  • CLOSED after lunch for Club Fair knock-down.