New Year… New Password…

Reminder to all that network passwords now have extended shelf lives:

  • Student passwords are good for six (6) months.
  • Staff passwords are good for three (3) months.

While it would be best to wait and change your network password upon your return to school – that way it will last until the end of the school year…

  • Consider the last time you changed your password?
  • Have you changed it since the beginning of November?
  • Since mid-November?

If not…  then change your password before school breaks for the holiday.  The extended password only applies to passwords changed since the new policy went into effect on November 14th.

  • If your password has expired, then see Ms. Wray in the Library for a password reset before the end of the day Friday.
  • If your password has not (yet) expired, logon to a TDSB networked machine…  CTRL-ALT-DEL and change your password.

REMINDER ALSO that the password protocols have changed.

  • Your new password must be a combination of upper case, lower case and numeric characters…  all three!!