Over The Rainbow with Jessie Munro – VOTE NOW!

Hi Everyone,
WOW what an experience for Jessie Monday night! It was doubly emotional as her roommate Michelle was the one to be sent home. You could cut the tension with a knife!
We SO want Jessie to be on that stage to show Canada what she is made of and why she should have their vote to be Canada’s Dorothy!

VOTE FOR JESSIE MUNRO from ESA as ‘Dorothy’ in The Wizard of Oz’! We encourage you to speak with/forward an email to 10 people (family, friends, co workers) and have them go online follow the instructions I have listed below? If those extra people play the Dorothy quiz game, they will each gain somewhere between 35 and 50 votes per person. This means each one of you (with your friends/family) could generate 350-500 votes for Jessie! How incredible is that?
Website Instructions:
Link: http://www.cbc.ca/overtherainbow/
Once you are in click on the “Sign up and enter” site
On the left hand side you will see where it says “need an account” or “Register here”; all you need is to do is provide an e-mail account and create your own password, and from there you’ll be able to answer the questions on the website.
Each day there are a certain number of questions which you can answer (points range from 1-5 per question). You can return to the site the next day (great marketing initiative!) to answer more questions. Even better, if you go into the site on Friday *or any day after that but before the voting starts) you can answer all the questions at once!
Each e-mail used has the opportunity to answer all the questions and generate 35-50 votes.
Once you have completed the maximum number of votes you can cast your votes after the Sunday night show until Monday at 11:59am.
You will then see (under the number of votes acquired) a small “vote” button – click there and the faces of the 8 remaining Dorothy’s will appear.
Under Jessie you will see a tab with “ – and +” click on the plus it will stop you at 10 votes; submit, arrow back in the top left hand corner and repeat this again until you have cast all of your votes.

APP Instructions
Go to the App store and search for CBC Over the Rainbow. Download it, register and then start playing the Daily Challenges quiz to get more votes.
Vote right from the app once the show is over Sunday night or Monday morning. Just keep clicking on Jessie as many times as you can (based on the votes you have accumulated).

Voting by Phone:
It can be difficult to get through immediately after the show; the website says a maximum of 10 votes per phone, but it seems easier to get through if you try a little later in the evening.

If you can go into CBC website and post comments cheering Jessie that would be great!