Six years ago PD1 was very much about Portfolios. Now, as we reach towards PD6, it is also a cultural event, an exhibition, a celebration, a rethinking of the possibilities within art and education, an opportunity to practice speaking about the things we have thought about and made, an example of what is possible, and a meeting place of some incredible minds and potentials and future possibilities.

This year seventy 16 and 17 year old ESA students will present work to about a hundred and ten representatives from fifty-four post-secondary schools throughout the day. We welcome a visit by MOCCA Director David Liss as he curates our upcoming exhibition at York University. We will have visitors from the National Post and the CBC who will cover the event as it unfolds. We will welcome visits by high school and middle school teachers, curators, gallery owners, future students and their families, art consultants, art collectors, and professional artists.

WE INVITE everyone to join us from 7-9 pm to see the work and the show and certainly speak to the participants if you like. Portfolio Day is more about conversation than product, and we hope you get a chance to speak with us!

Parents of ESA students who have questions for the representatives are invited to join us at 6.30 in the library.

Parking will likely be an issue so arrive early to get a spot!

We will wait to sell work until Thursday May 26th at 3.30 pm but it is a good idea to document pieces you are interested in acquiring this year as the demand this year is already very high.

Stay tuned for dates for Art Talk 5 and Art Talk 6!

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