Reminder: Joint School and SESAT Council Meeting – Monday Feb 1, 7pm in Library

On Monday, join us to hear about what the councils have been working on and our upcoming plans.

Quick Peak at our Agenda:

1) Parent Outreach – specifically incoming Grade nine parents
  • Opportunities to reach out to the newest ESA parents
  • March 6th event – Yuk Yuks
  • Incoming Parent Breakfast in September
  • Upcoming speaker series
  • Technology enablement – how grant $ will be applied
  • ESAInfo pages – Sprucing them up
  • Other opportunities to engage parents
2) 35TH Anniversary  -What can be done.. How do our councils get involved
3) Convocation – June vs October
4) Water bottle and Bicycle Rack Applications
5) Grant research and applications – focused on academics and arts.
See you there!
Your SESAT and School Council