Saturday May 6th Concert Event: Check out our website!

Our website has gone live!  Check it out at

  • On Saturday we will be launching on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Later this spring we’ll be launching on YouTube.
  • The website will continue to evolve as we move forward into the fall.

Get in on the ground floor and help build a movement bringing together students from across Toronto to raise awareness and encourage engagement in community events and social activism – incorporating their arts, academics and sports backgrounds to make positive change.

We’re launching the movement with an inspirational concert event in the ESA Library this Saturday, May 6th.  The event is free for students.  We will gratefully accept any PWYC donations, suggested donation $15 per adult.  All proceeds will be going to the Stephen Lewis Foundation and the community-based organizations with whom they work in sub-Saharan Africa.

The concert will feature performances by ESA alumni, Toronto singer-songwriters Henry Nozuka, Christian Bridges and Andrew Beg.  It will also include performances by current ESA students including Lauren Margaret Marron.  The event will be hosted by ESA student Zev Landsberg-Lewis.

We are excited to have Mama Darlina Tyawana, an African activist, lobbyist, public speaker and grandmother as a guest speaker. Mama Darlina will share her personal stories and experiences of grandmothers meeting the needs of millions of children and youth orphaned by AIDS in their communities, and the inspiring and innovative initiatives of community-based organisations in resurrecting hope and building resilience in communities.

FOUNDERS ENGAGE is supported by a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Education’s ‘Speak Up’ programme, and will include the launch of an interactive website that highlights student community philanthropy, social activism, and creative endeavours that challenge existing stereotypes and encourage dialogue on positive change.