SESAT Council Treasurer Required – Election is May 1st, 7pm

Hello Parents and Guardians,

As the current Chair of SESAT (Supporters of ESA Talent), our parent run Fundraising team at ESA, I am reaching out to you in hopes that you will consider taking on a council role next year.

We have nominees for all roles on our board (President/VP/Secretary) with the exception of the Treasurer role as our current Treasurer is running for President.   This role is critical to our fundraising efforts, is well established, organised and supported by the other council roles.  We are open to electing 1 or 2 co-treasurers on the council.

Should you be open to putting your name forth or have questions for me or our current treasurer, please send us a note at [email protected] or call 416 708 3091.    The Election takes place at SESAT’s May council meeting on Monday May 1st, 7pm in the ESA Library (location subject to change with notification).  All nominees are required to attend.

Treasurer Role Profile

In the role of treasurer for SESAT, you have been appointed at the annual meeting and tasked with keeping the finance health so the organization can achieve its mission.  An active and alert treasurer can ensure our group is able to extend its activities, resulting in greater benefits to the whole ESA community.

The main duties of the treasurer is to oversee the financial administration of the organization, review procedures and financial reporting, advise the board on financial strategy, and advise on fundraising.

Time commitment can range between 3 – 10 hours a month based on SESAT calendared initiatives and financial reporting requirements

Responsibilities and Tasks

Financial administration

  • Keep up-to-date records as well as an audit trail for all transactions;
  • Protect the organization against fraud and theft, ensuring safe custody of money, and prompt banking;
  • Make sure the board understands its financial obligations;
  • Make sure the organization complies with tax regulations; and
  • Review all internal processes and reporting methods at least once annually

Review procedures and financial reporting

You will oversee the development of policies and procedures to protect the organization and its people.  These will include:

  • Controls on expenditure, such as who can authorize spending, upper limits before board approval is needed, and who can sign cheques;
  • Controls on income generation, including appropriate and inappropriate ways of raising money;
  • Systems for ensuring cash and cheque books are kept securely; and
  • Liaising with CRA, OLG and CA related to our Incorporation Business Requirements and Filings

You need to track:

  • How much our organisation has and disburses;
  • How much money you can easily access;
  • Your main sources of income;
  • What you are spending money on; and
  • How much you owe.

You also need to be aware of any risks that may arise.

Advising the board on financial strategy

You need to prepare reports for members, management and sponsors outlining the current financial situation, looking at possibilities for the future and drawing people’s attention to tax implications, and potential risks or opportunities.

Financial accountability includes planning and budgeting. The budget will fall out of the strategic plan, so ideally a treasurer would work with the board to develop strategy and help set goals.

Advising on fundraising

As treasurer you may be asked to prepare funding proposals for one-off grants, grants for special projects and sponsorship.

You will participate in planning sessions and liaise with all parties to determine collaboration efforts;

You will follow up monthly with counterparts in advance of SESAT meetings to be able to report on their initiatives and provide recommendations to partner as necessary to meet our objectives;


This role requires an individual who has/or demonstrates a willingness to learn – a basic understanding of accounting and a working knowledge of the laws governing the organization’s operation. Previous administration and planning skills, as well as strong written and verbal communication skills.  You enjoy pulling stakeholders together to achieve a joint goal and can identify opportunities for collaboration and information sharing.   You love promoting our mission and are happy to “own” projects.  Most importantly, you also enjoy having fun!


Thank You for your consideration.

Bev and the SESAT Team