SESAT requires Parent Volunteers for Audition Day – January 20th

Hello ESA Volunteers

The New Year is upon us which means Audition Day cannot be far behind.  We are getting organized for this year’s big day and because it is so early in the New Year we are asking for you to look at your schedules and let us know if you can volunteer to help make this day a success.

ESA’s Audition Day Volunteers:
A new batch of ESA student hopefuls will be descending upon the school on
Friday January 20th.

We all remember what a stressful day that is for both the young students and those anxious parents who refuse to leave the building. We need volunteers to help direct traffic in the halls and to help organize and distribute the food to the student volunteers and adjudicators. Your day would start at 8:00 am and finish at approximately 3:30 pm. We require 10 to 12 parents in the kitchen and hallways so if it is at all possible for you to come and help during that day, it would be appreciated.

Please let us know by responding to [email protected]

Thanks, The SESAT Team