Sesat’s Monthly Newsletter – April 2017


We can be very satisfied our kids are learning at ESA

Compiled by Amit Breuer, Parent

I wanted to share why I appreciate ESA and everything about it, from the administration and teachers to the parent volunteers and the wonderful students.

Today’s youth are flooded with data and are starving for meaningful experience. Workplace demands are for students to understand how to solve problems, what makes arguments reasonable, how to build teams and coalitions, and how to incorporate the concept of fairness into the everyday decisions. Students need to be thinkers, possess people skills, be problem-solvers, demonstrate creativity, and work as a member of a team.

We need to understand more about the things that matter the most: integrity, thinking skills, a sense of wonder, truth, flexibility, fairness, dignity, creativity and cooperation. The arts provide all of these.

Perhaps the most fundamental element to education one should consider for youth is the manner in which one perceives and makes sense of the world in which we live. An effective education in the fine arts helps students to see what they look at, hear what they listen to, and feel what they touch. Engagement in the fine arts helps students to stretch their minds beyond the boundaries of the printed text or the rules of what is demonstrable. The arts free the mind from rigid certainty. Imagine the benefits of seeking, finding, and developing multiple solutions to the numerous of problems facing our society today. These processes, taught through the study of the arts, help to develop the tolerance for coping with the ambiguities and uncertainties present in the everyday affairs of human existence. There is a universal need for theatre, music, dance, and visual art to give expression to the innate urgings of the human spirit. (Eisner, 1987).  The premier organizations in the corporate world today recognize that the human intellect “draws from many wells.” Arts education gives access to the deepest of those wells.     Thank You ESA!

A Student’s Perspective on SESAT

By Kaelin, Grade 12 

Hi I’m Kaelin, I’m a SESAT kid and I’m proud of it! I have been around SESAT for 4 years and so has my mom. Since grade nine, SESAT has become so important to both of us, she was even President during my grade 10 year. Besides the fundraising aspect of it, SESAT has been a community of people, both parents and students who come together fairly regularly to benefit our school. I originally thought that it was just parents who meet to discuss projects, but it’s more than that. I go to SESAT events partly because I want to help raise money for the arts, but more so because there are other SESAT kids who have become my good friends (the community service hours are a plus too). Since SESAT doesn’t favour any major, a common misconception, there are parents and students from each major, this gave me a chance to meet and continue to see students in other majors and grades who I don’t normally see around school but wish I did. In terms of the fundraising aspect, I have seen SESAT come up with a bunch of new and creative ideas to raise money since I have been here, such as the garage sale, pancake breakfasts on late starts, and the flower sale. A GoPro for the film department, visiting artists such as Ben Kamino for the dance department and many more benefits have all been made possible with the money that SESAT has received from events like those and many more. 

Reasons to Get Involved with a School Council


Whether kids are starting kindergarten or entering the final year of high school, there are many good reasons for parents to volunteer at school. It’s a great way to show your kids that you take an interest in their education.

Many schools now have to raise their own funds for activities and supplies that once were considered basic necessities, and parent volunteers are essential to organizing and chaperoning these fundraising events and other school activities.

Parent volunteers offer a huge resource and support base for the school community while showing kids the importance of participating in the larger community.

Not only will the school reap the benefits of your involvement — you will, too. By interacting with teachers, administrators, and other parents on a regular basis, you’ll gain a firsthand understanding of your child’s daily activities. You’ll also tap into trends and fads of school life that can help you communicate with your kids as they grow and change (all without intruding on their privacy or personal space).

Even if you haven’t been involved in the past, it’s never too late to start. In fact, it may be more important than ever to get involved when kids reach secondary school. Some parents may experience “volunteer burnout” by the time their kids enter high school or decide that the school don’t need them as much then. Many parents who volunteered a lot of time during their kids’ elementary years return to full-time careers by the time their kids are teens, so there’s often a shortage in the secondary schools.

SESAT Council Election   

May 1 is the day!  Anyone interested in a spot on the board as President, Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary is welcome to join us.  Come prepared to share a little something about yourself and why you want to join SESAT.


2016 Opening Balance 4K
Monies Raised to date 32K
2016/17 Fundraising Goal 40K
Monies Disbursed to Arts Majors – (includes ear-marked funds) 27K
2017 Target Closing Balance 4K
Fundraising to go to hit target 8K


Fundraisers to Wrap Up the Year

  • Online Spring Flower Sale Runs April 3 – 27, Pick Up May 27 at Yard Sale. To order your Flowers, click Order Your Flowers Here
  • Community Yard Sale – May 27- 9am-2pm.  Donations will be accepted starting early May – dates and times will be posted soon.  Please start collecting those things you wish to part with!
  • Direction Donation Campaign.  Collections will be taken at upcoming shows. We are hoping you will feel good about please help by collecting your coins and contributing them to SESAT.

And of course, concessions at any show or performance also helps!

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Should you have a little (or a little more) time to give, we sure could use some extra hands at our concession stands for the following days

Snack Shack: April 18, 2:45 to 5:30pm

Drama: Gr 11 April 19 & 20, 4pm & 7pm

Drama: Gr 11 April 26 & 27, 4pm & 7pm

    Dance: “Alice”  – April 26, 27 & 28, 7pm

    Musical Theatre: Showcase – May 4 and 5

    Music: OPUS May 11 and 12

Let us know if you are free by reaching out at [email protected]

Volunteer Shout Outs

It takes effort and lots of hands to make everything SESAT hum as it does.  This month, SESAT would like to recognize members of our team that give us significant bench strength – our Supply Representatives, the crew made up of Aviva S, Rick H, Wendy B and Wendy T who ensure that we always have stock on hand to fill our concession tables.  Thank you for being shopper extraordinaires.  We appreciate all that you do!

Business Operations

SESAT currently operates as a Public Foundation. On the strong recommendation of the CRA, we will be incorporating our Not for Profit organization.  Following that, we will be securing the required provincial gaming license so that we can add Raffles to our Fundraising plans for 2017.

To facilitate these changes, we are looking to retain a Chartered Accountant to handle our returns and a Lawyer who can review our Constitution & By Laws and prepare our Letters Patent.   Please contact us at [email protected] if you are able to offer your services.

In closing

Our final newsletter for this school year will be released May 15th.  Should you have any feedback about the series or would like to contribute your stories, please reach out at [email protected]

Until next time, SESAT would like to wish you all a very happy Spring, to those who observe Easter, a joyous one and to all Mothers and Aunts – a Wonderful Mother’s Day.