Drama Department: Speak The Speech, I Pray You: An Evening of Shakespeare

The Grade 12 Drama Majors present “Speak the Speech, I Pray You…”: an evening of Shakespeare on Thursday December 11th in the Mini Theatre. The students will present a series of monologues and a collective creation piece entitled “2B”, which was recently featured during Arts Showcase. These students have dedicated a great deal of time and effort in the research and creation of their roles; as well, the students designed and created their own costumes for their characters.

Two performances, one at 4pm and a second at 7pm, will be held on Thursday. Tickets, which are $10 for adults and $5 for students, will be available at the door. The performances are dedicated to John Stead and his stage fighting directors in honour of their extensive voluntary work with the cast of The Three Musketeers during rehearsals for Mainstage last year. Proceeds from the evening will be donated to The Performing Arts Lodge in honour of John Stead and his team. The production will run approximately two hours and 20 minutes with two 10 minute intermissions. Please join us and witness the incredible work that these final year students have created!

This will be a fantastic opportunity for applicants to Drama at ESA, who are planning to audition for the program in January, to see the type of work that students do and to ask Ms. Bourne and/or Mr. Black any last minute questions about audition prior to January 16th. We hope to see you there!