SPROUT Idea Jam @ The Ontario Science Centre

I know that timing is not great with exams and all…  but for any who might not have exams at the start of the schedule… this in from the folks at Taking it Global.


Join us for the Sprout Idea Jam at the Ontario Science Centre this Wednesday from 4-7:30pm!

High school + university students (and recent grads) age 29 and under are invited to join us for an evening of exploring ideas, creative activities, and inspiring speakers. Not under 29? Please share with someone you know who might benefit from attending!

You’ll meet social entrepreneurs, artists, and Sprout Ideas alumni, who will share how their experiences and ideas have helped them grow. You’ll be invited to share your big ideas on how we can improve our communities and the world. You’ll find out about funding available for you to pursue your ideas! You’ll even be treated to dinner, see a live performance, and leave with a special gift.

It’s free of charge to attend, and we have funding to provide public transit support for anyone in financial need (just reply and let us know)

Ready to register? RSVP at http://sproutideajam.eventbrite.com and bring a friend!

Want a flyer to share details with others? Visit http://tigurl.org/jamflyer