Student Protest at ESA

On Tuesday, there was a protest at the school regarding our dress code.  It was a response to a student being told that her outfit was inappropriate for school.  The protest took the shape of students wearing crop tops, bralettes, sports bras, etc.  I met with about 200 students in the library so we could discuss the issue – I think it was a great talk and we will be continuing it.  Students afterwards told me that they felt listened to and appreciated the opportunity to talk as a community.  In the meeting, many students expressed their feelings that dress codes sexualize students and that they should be able to wear what they want, almost without restriction.  My take on this was focused on the idea that the school is a professional work-space and that some outfits that might be appropriate in some settings are not appropriate for all school settings – finding that line in a place where we want to encourage freedom of thought and expression can be tricky.

We want everyone to feel comfortable in this space.  We are a community of learners and these kinds of discussions contribute to our collective understanding of each other’s perspectives and experiences.

I’m looking forward to continuing the discussion with our community of students, staff, and parents.  As always, I am very open to your feedback!