Student Vote 2014: ESA Results

The moment has arrived.  I am now able to announce the results of our ESA Student Vote 2014.

Drumroll please…

  • CHOO , P. C. – New Democratic Party of Ontario – Votes: 77…  32% of the popular vote
  • MILCZYN , PETER – Ontario Liberal Party – Votes: 68…  29% of the popular vote
  • SALEWSKY , ANGELA – Green Party of Ontario – Votes: 37… 16% of the popular vote
  • HOLYDAY , DOUG – Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario – Votes: 24… 10% of the popular vote

From the folks at Civix, who brought us Student Vote 2014:

  • By the end of the school day, 167,416 votes were reported from 1261 schools representing all 107 electoral districts in the province.
  • The complete results will be available on our website as soon as the polls close (tentatively scheduled for 9:00pm). Three districts will be held back due to late closing of polls, they are Trinity—Spadina (9:30), Dufferin—Caledon (9:30) and Kenora—Rainy River (10:00).
  • Link: (link will become live and publicly available at approx 9pm)
  • On this page you will find a written summary of the results and you will be able to access the province-wide summary, results by electoral district and individual school results.
  • We do not have a formal partnership with a broadcast partner so there will not be dedicated time on one particular station. However we are hoping that some stations will pick up the story and share the results.
  • Many daily newspapers have committed to publishing the results, including the Toronto Star, Hamilton Spectator, Waterloo Record, Sault Star, Barrie Examiner, Orillia Packet & Times, Northumberland Today and hopefully many more.

Come back again and join us for another exciting round in the upcoming Municipal Elections, this October.


LATER UPDATE from Student Vote 2014:  This graphic shows the distribution of student vote in Etobicoke Lakeshore.  Click on graphic for larger image.

Etobicoke Lakeshore results-page-001