Student Vote: Follow Up

Thank you again to all who participated and/or volunteered to make our Student Vote 2015: Federal Election such a success.  I hope that everyone enjoyed the experience.

Following up on the posting I made on Election Night, this from the organisers at Student Vote:

**In total, 6,760 schools participated in Student Vote this election with 922,000 students casting a ballot, representing all 338 electoral districts.

**The final results are now available at and display the national summary, provincial/territorial summaries, results by riding and individual school results.
**The Student Vote results were also reviewed by the CBC’s Peter Mansbridge last week. If you didn’t see it, you can catch that clip here:
**It was our privilege to support you this campaign with free resources and election materials and I hope that we may do so again. It’s not cheap to put this program together on such a large scale and we are incredibly grateful for the financial and in-kind support we received from Elections Canada for this project.
**If you didn’t know, we are not a branch of the government. CIVIX is a small civic education charity that coordinates Student Vote in elections throughout Canada, and now offers programming between elections as well. If you enjoyed your experience with us and care to support our effort, you are welcome to make a donation righthere. Every single dollar counts and we will be very happy to provide you with a charitable tax receipt.