Summer Art Camp

I am happy to announce Summer Art Camp 2015 – running the second week of July at ESA from 9am to 3pm.

Camp 1 welcomes all new students to ESA. This camp is especially good for people entering our program in September. We are also happy to work with anyone interested in preparing their portfolio for ESA Audition Day 2016, and those wanting to experience our world class program. Camp 1 provides the opportunity to meet future classmates, become comfortable travelling to school, familiarize yourself with the ESA environment, and be introduced to a condensed version of our best in world program. It is really fun and we make some great work. ESA Camp 1 is open to anyone, even if not attending esava. ESAVA Camp 1 is limited to 30 places.

ESAVA Camp 2 is designed for current esava grade 9-11 students. It provides thirty hours of intensive studio time to focus on style development and portfolio production. We provide painting and drawing materials and studio space for all interested. This is a self-directed program for individual advancement.

For information visit and to register or ask questions please email me at [email protected]

Thank you!
Matthew Varey