Summer Art Camps!

Camp For those new to ESA Visual Art

July 8-12, 9am to 3pm


Students new to the program or those who would like to get a taste of what we are all about are invited to participate in a week of discovery, thinking, analysing, and creating.

Last year new students appreciated the opportunity to become acquainted with many of their future classmates. This is a great way to make friends and begin to feel at home.

Participants will increase their appreciation for and develop a broader understanding of contemporary art, artists, and art practice. Thinking skills will be honed and goals for students will include a greater fluency with ideas, understanding several effective models for sourcing ideas and becoming more familiar with the expectations and demands of a life in the arts.

Participants will begin several projects, develop skills in verbalising and exchanging ideas during critiques, and look at contemporary art from around the world.

This is an excellent opportunity for people new to ESA to spend time with older and experienced members of our community in order to build supportive relationships that will increase the degree of success in our environment.



Camp for Current ESA Visual Art Students

July 8-12, 9am to 3pm


Participants should propose a significant painting or series of paintings to me by the end of June, and will have access to me and ESA grads specialising in painting, providing an excellent opportunity to focus on portfolio and Portfolio Day preparation in a dedicated work space with concentrated focus on significant accomplishment.

This is a rare opportunity for young people to experience studio life over a significant block of time.

This camp will allow for students entering grades 10 – 12 to interact and build mentoring relationships with our new students, deepening their experience in the coming months and helping them to become leaders in future endeavours.

Both camps will be held atEtobicoke School of the Arts, 675 Royal York Road, Etobicoke

For questions or more information please contact me at [email protected]

A deposit of $200 will hold a place.


Thank you!

Matthew Varey