Congratulations to the Grade 12 Ballet Class!

After 4 highly successful elementary school dance workshops this week I thought it only appropriate to congratulate the grade 12 ballet class!

They were wonderful ambassadors of ESA. They had elementary students (and teachers) exploring the elements of dance and trying new ways of moving. There was no shortage of energy or smiles in the studios.

The grade 12’s workshops were creative and engaging. Their warmth, encouragement and support were clearly felt by our guests. They modeled exemplary teamwork and leadership.

Congratulations once again.

I am so proud of all of you!

Mrs. Michailidis

Congratulations Dancers!

Congratulations to all those who were involved both on stage and behind the scenes with making Choreographic Workshop 2017 a huge success!

The sold out performance came together nicely to showcase the love and passion for dance, and creativity that thrives at ESA.

To the dancers and crew, thank you for all of your dedication, hard work and professionalism.

Thank you to all of the staff, volunteers, families, friends, and community members that came out to help and to support.



Dance Department Fitness Equipment Donations

Thank you to all of the individuals and families who have made donations of needed fitness equipment. Your help is very much appreciated and your donations have already been put into use!

If you are still looking to donate we are still happy to receive any of your donations!

Items of interest include skipping ropes, yoga mats, lacrosse or road hockey balls, golf balls, tennis balls, 9 inch toy balls, Pilates balls, phone books, wooden dowels, foam rollers. Items do not need to be new. They just need to be in a usable condition. Every little bit helps.

Thank you for your help and support,

Melissa Michailidis

Dance Department in Need of Fitness Equipment

I need your help! I’m looking for donations of fitness equipment. Items of particular interest…Pilates balls, yoga mats, tennis balls,lacrosse/road hockey balls, 9″ toy balls, skipping ropes, elastic Therabands, phone books (if anyone even has these anymore), large bath towels, etc.

The equipment doesn’t need to be pretty, just functional. I am looking to further develop the health and wellness strand in the Dance department, as well as my extra curricular stretch and strength program offered to all ESA students and staff. So if you have cleaned out your basement, garage or catch all room lately and you have come across any of these items that you are wanting to purge, send them in! Your donation will help others get moving!

Wanting to donate? Please contact me at:     [email protected]

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Melissa Michailidis

ALICE Opening Night a Big Success! Only 2 Days Left. Get Your Tickets Before They’re Gone!

Congratulations to all involved in tonight’s hugely successful opening of ALICE. There are 2 nights left to come out and see what the Dance Department has been up to these past few months. Tickets can be purchased at , in the main foyer at lunch, or at the box office. Don’t miss out on this spectacular show. It is fun for the whole family. It features our dance majors grades 9-12, our dance company, DancESAtion, and a very special guest, Mr. Lessard!

s [Read more…]

ALICE Tickets on Sale!

Don’t be late for a very important date! Next week the Dance department will be presenting ALICE. The show features over 100 Dance majors from grades 9 through 12, our dance company, DancESAtion, as well as a very special guest! Book your tickets now and join Alice on her journey through Wonderland April 26, 27, & 28.

For tickets go to

_ESA alice rehearsal video


Tickets to the Dance Department’s “ALICE” NOW ON SALE!

The Dance department proudly presents “Alice” from April 26-April 28.  This year we are excited to present our take on Lewis Carroll’s enduring childrens’ classics: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass”. The show features our dance company, DancESAtion, and the entire dance department, grades nine through twelve. Book your tickets early so you can be guaranteed to join Alice on her adventure through wonderland. Tickets are available on-line at or just click the link below.

Check out our poster promo video and share them with friends.

ALICE Poster

ALICE Promo Video

_ESA alice rehearsal video



ESA Elementary Dance Workshops

Congratulations to Mrs. Michailidis’ grade 12 Ballet class on a week of highly successful elementary school dance workshops!

The grade 12s created and conducted dance workshops for 7 different elementary schools. They had the students engaged and excited to move. They were excellent ambassadors for not only the Dance department but all of ESA as they hosted James S. Bell, John English, Lambton-Kingsway, Indian Crescent Road, Annette Street, Norseman, and Karen Kain School of the Arts.

Congratulations to your success once again!

– Melissa Michailidis

ESA Dance Newsletter

ESA’s Dance department has been busy dancing and writing. Find out about all of our dancers’ experiences from their perspective in our first official newsletter! There are articles from dance students from grades 9 through 12 and alumni. Just click the attached link and enjoy!

coverpage 4


Free Hip Hop Class Wednesday at Lunch

The Dance department is proud to be offering a FREE HIP HOP CLASS this Wednesday February 15 from 12:10-12:50 in Dance Studio 1!!! The class will be taught be a GUEST ARTIST and is OPEN TO ALL ESA STUDENTS! All you need are indoor runners to participate.

New Dance Course Offerings in Hip Hop & Jazz

The dance department is offering some NEW elective dance courses that are open to all students. We are offering a new Hip Hop course (ATC 1O1) and Jazz elective courses (ATJ 2O1 & ATJ 3O1) for both junior and senior grades. All of the elective courses have performance opportunities.  If you are interested and have any questions please ask your student service representative during your up-coming course selection presentation or feel free to contact the dance department at 416-394-6910 x 20103.

Congratulations Grade 12 Dance Majors

Congratulations to the grade 12 ballet class to creating and hosting greatly successful dance workshops for 4 different elementary school. The kids had fun and we look forward to hosting 3 new schools in March!