The 19th Annual ESA Craft Fair & Silent Auction a Major Success!

This past Saturday, the halls of the school smelled of gingerbread and vanilla, the voices of performing stars filled the ears of patrons, vendors and volunteers as they bustled around the school and some of the most beautiful handmade gifts and treats filled shoppers arms…..what a wonderful atmosphere it was.  This atmosphere laid the foundation for what was an event of resounding success (the final numbers aren’t quite in yet but it is looking really good!)

On behalf of  SESAT (Supporters of ESA Talent) Team, I would like to recognize some groups of individuals that helped pull this event together:

Students  – This year they were out in full force helping organizers, vendors and guests.  It did not go unnoticed and many people made a point of acknowledging it!

Student Performers – Members of WOCO, JAMME and Aaron Burnell whose voices filled the halls and brought smiles to the faces of all, and in moments, a few sets of goosebumps as they hit those notes on high!

Bakers and Cooks –  Who baked and cooked leading up to the event ensuring guests and vendors had yummy choices throughout the day.

Community Partners and Vendors – Who donated services and products to run the event as well as items to sell at the Silent Auction and Food Court.

Active Bloggers and Communicators – Who spread the great news of the event and posted updates everywhere.

Faculty and Administration – Who let us take over the space to transform it into something magical, for their booths of wonderful items for sale and on-going support of the event.

Custodial Staff – There is no doubt that we have the best at ESA! They made it easy for us to pull the event together and wrap it up in record time through their support and helping hands.

In closing, I would like to recognize the full SESAT team of Coordinators, Administrators and Parent Volunteers who worked tirelessly over the last six months to pull together the event and fill close to 200 volunteer shifts.  They do this because they adore our talented kids, love the school and enjoy the greater ESA community…not to mention the unique opportunity to pick up some fabulous artisans’ works at the event.  

If you were there and have stories or feedback to share, please let us know (@ [email protected]) as we want to keep making it better.  If you missed it, get the “20th Annual Craft Fair and Silent Auction” on your calendar now for next year and experience this outstanding ESA event.

Take a moment to check out this Thank You Reel….


Thank you to all.


The SESAT Team