Upcoming Music Theatre events and other cool happenings at ESA

Oct 3 – Jazz Diva, Heather Bambrick to provide master class for Splash
Oct 9 – Call Backs for our senior musical production of INTO THE WOODS
Oct 10 – ESA Commencement – Splash and Symphony perform
Oct 16 – Into the Woods rehearsals commence
Oct 18 – WWF Gala at Four Seasons featuring Splash roaming performances
Oct 22-24, 29-31 – Mike Weaver, celebrated choreographer from Chicago to choreograph for Splash
Oct 22/23 – Gr. 8 Info sessions – with a performance by our Gr. 10 MT Majors and ‘Time Warp’

Oct 24 – Splash performance (noon-9pm) Entrepreneur Awards – Ernst & Young
Oct 26 – Glo, to work with alumni Vanessa Faria on choreo/improvisation for their new season in the show choir competitive world
Oct 25/26 – Triple Threat Intensive hosted at ESA with special guest instructors from the professional world (non-curricular based, optional attendance, and open to any one aged 14 – 21+)
Nov 9 – Splash performance at The Carlu for Toronto Sick Kids retirement
Nov 21-23 – Brett Carroll, from award winning Burbank Show Choir – In Sync – to provide vocal master classes for Splash
Nov 26 – Open Jar Institute from NYC to hold auditions for their summer program – all students welcome to attend 3:30 – 6:30 in R3
Nov 27 – Red Carpet Gala for debut of TVO documentary ‘Showdown’ featuring Splash and Wexford Gleeks on the road to SCC Nationals 2013 (invitation only) with the TVO air date on TV Dec 4
Dec 4-6 – Festive Celebration, featuring all of our vocal ensembles and Music Dept (7pm curtain)
Dec 10/11 – TSO Christmas Pops concert – featuring ESA Chorus

Stay tuned for other Festive happenings at Holt Renfrew (Bloor Street) and Illuminite 2013!
All of our MT ensembles have begun rehearsals with full force, and we will continue to update you with ‘cool happenings’ at ESA!