Waterloo Math Contests– Register Now!

Attention all Grade 9, 10, and 11 ESA students! Test your skills and have some fun while challenging your brain; sign up for the Waterloo math contest!

The Waterloo Math Contests (grades 9 Pascal, grade 10 Cayley, and grade 11 Fermat) will take place on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, during first period in the library. Permission forms can be obtained from Mrs. Bednar or outside her classroom (Rm S22). Signed forms and the $5 fee are due to Mrs. Bednar no later than February 8.

The contest is one hour long. The questions start out very reasonable (even easy!) and get more challenging in sections B and C. It is designed to be accessible and fun for all students, so give it a try! Tests and solutions from previous years can be found at http://www.cemc.uwaterloo.ca/contests/past_contests.html