Your teeth on sugar! (dental screening at ESA)

In co-operation with Toronto Public Health, ESA will be sponsoring a dental clinic on Friday, January 9th for any interested students.  This day will be organized through the Guidance office where students can sign up (starting today) for a 5 minute check up.  Students will receive a regular guidance slip to excuse them from class.  Please find below the note from Public Health (with some additions/deletions from me) that more fully explains the day:

Dear Parent/Guardian: School Year 2014-2015

In an effort to improve the health of our youth, Toronto Public Health is offering a dental screening program for high school students in the City of Toronto. The goal of this program is to:
a) Identify high school students with urgent dental needs
b) Assist these students in accessing dental treatment
c) Provide oral health education and information to students

The screening will be done using sterilized instruments by a registered dental hygienist employed by the City of Toronto.

Students identified as being at risk for dental diseases will be offered support and referred for appropriate care. Students who live in the City of Toronto, who do not have dental insurance and who cannot afford to pay for dental care may be eligible for services offered by Toronto Public Health.

Please be advised that this screening assessment does not replace the dental examination done by a licensed dentist.

For additional information, please contact the TPH registered dental hygienist at phone number: 416-338-8338. or visit the TPH website at

(This letter, from Dr. Hazel Stewart, Director, has been slightly altered by me for our school’s purposes.  Please free to contact me at [email protected] , if you have any questions.)