Art Talk 10

Please join us for the tenth installment of our Art Talk series. Art Talk Ten is fifteen grade 11 students speaking about their work during their exhibition State of Shifting at the Neilson Park Creative Centre on Tuesday February 12, 50 Neilson Drive, Toronto. This is our warm up exhibition for Portfolio Day 10, or, as we are calling it, PDX in November 2019.

Tickets are free and are available through the invitation by clicking here

The statement for State of Shifting:

The Grade 11 Contemporary Art and Photography students at Etobicoke School of the Arts have spent years together analyzing themselves and the impact they have on everything around them. They have collectively noticed a shift in their process of self-reflection, as everything is beginning to make sense. These students have learned how to grow with each other for the benefit of every individual’s success, and felt this was the time to start putting all they have learned into something for the world to see. This exhibition is a glimpse into the ongoing creation of art and diverse connections these students are able to produce, and the space and community they have created to do so. The compiled works individually highlight their abilities to create impactful and important artwork, while also showing us their strength as a community of creators. These students see that they have created something incredible, and that now is the time to start pushing it, believing in it, and understanding their constant State of Shifting.