CALLING ALL BAKERS!!!! Bake Sale needs donations for the Craft Fair Nov 17th

BAKE SALE at the Craft Fair – Sat., Nov. 17th, 2018

We will gladly accept all donations of home baking for the bake sale!

If you need inspiration, websites such as Pinterest and Epicurious offer a host of creative ideas, or here are some popular suggestions:


Squares/Tarts Cookies Desserts Treats
Butter Tarts



Nanaimo Bars

Lemon Squares

Date Squares

Turtle Squares

Pecan Tarts

Jam Tarts

Any Squares!

Holiday or decorative



Chocolate chip


Peanut butter




Loaves (mini, full size or wrapped slices)

Pies (fruit, pecan, meringue) large or small


Caramel popcorn






NoteShortbread, butter tarts, brownies, Nanaimo bars and fudge are always in short supply & high demand!


  • items baked in foil bakeware are handy (loaves, mini loaves, cupcakes, muffins, etc)
  • items that freeze well are popular for the holidays
  • please avoid chocolate or icings that may melt

Please label:

  • your item, and if possible, important ingredients such as allergens including nuts, dairy, honey, eggs
  • containers that you would like returned to you, otherwise SESAT will find a use for them

Gluten Free baking is appreciated and should be labelled as such so we can keep it separate.


Self Packaging:

To allow for consistent pricing we ask that regular sized squares (approx 2”) and cookies (approx 3”) be in groups of 6.  Packaging in clear cellophane bags or wrap allows the product to be seen more clearly.  Our North Pole themed ribbon colours are red, silver, and gold if you feel creative!


All other “loose baking” will be packaged at the school when it is dropped off or sold individually.


Packaging party and set up!

Please join us on Friday Nov 16, any time from 5pm to 9pm to help!


Drop Off & Contact info:

Friday Nov. 16th, 5pm – 8:30pm.  If you would like to bake but are unable to drop off during this window, please contact Andrea: 416-857-9571 before Friday, Nov. 16th and we will see what we can arrange.


Click here for a printable flyer:  ESA Bake Sale flyer 2018-1


Thank you very much!

-The Bake Sale Ladies