Get informed and have your say: TDSB’s Review of High School Programs

The TDSB is currently undertaking a review of secondary school programs. Both optional attendance and specialized programs are the focus of consultation meetings. The Board has indicated that this consultation process will inform future funding. An online survey is currently available for feedback (link:

The results of this public consultation process will directly affect Etobicoke School of the Arts!

You can read more about the Secondary School Review. (link: Everyone is encouraged to complete the survey, and/or to attend a consultation meeting on the following remaining dates:

  • November 14, 7 pm at Western Technical-Commercial School, 125 Evelyn Crescent, Cafeteria 
  • November 20, 7 pm at East Education Office, 140 Borough Drive, Committee Room 3/4
  • November 26, 7 pm at C W Jefferys Collegiate Institute, 340 Sentinel Road, Cafeteria
  • November 28, 7 pm at John Polanyi Collegiate Institute, 640 Lawrence Avenue West, Cafeteria

Get our voices heard.