Nominations for School Council Election

Our election of the parent / guardian members of the School Council, for the 2019 / 2020 Academic Year, will take place in the next School Council meeting, being held from 7pm to 9pm on Tuesday 15th October 2019 in the School Library.

Here is a list of the nominations received:

Candidate Student Grade Major Nominated by Description
Angela O’Hara 12 Film Dana Manilou I believe that Angela would be an excellent School Council Member. Her record has proven that she is committed to taking a lead role in school causes, and if elected, she will be an invaluable member of School Council, particularly in these uncertain times our kids must face with regards to their educational security.
Dana Manilou 10 Drama Angela O’Hara I nominate Dana Manilou for school council as she is a dedicated and passionate person whose contributions in the past year are evidence of her commitment and leadership on issues of great importance to the ESA.  The school, students, teachers, and ESA community will no doubt benefit greatly from her appointment in the upcoming year.
Frank Sgarlata 12 Frank Sgarlata
John Doherty Simon Wild I believe that John would be an excellent School Council Member. His contribution to the School Council activities last year has shown his commitment to making sure the school has the support it needs.
Rose Ernjakovic 9 Musical Theatre Rose Ernjakovic I have served on School Council at the elementary level for 4 years in 2 different school boards!  I was the parent representative at the school board and am the PIC representative for our current school.  In this role I have worked with school administration, teachers, parents, fellow council members and volunteers on community events that are multilevel and benefit students and parents.  I am a participant of our local neighbourhood residents community and active to help with issues.  I am the proud mom of 2 children and a loving wife.
Simon Wild 11 Drama Simon Wild As Co-Chair of the ESA School Council for the past 2 years, Simon as shown his commitment to supporting the needs of the students and faculty through some challenging times for the school.

We look forward to seeing you at this important School Council meeting.