School Council Election & Nomination Form

It is the time of year when we must nominate members for the ESA School Council.

The Election of the new school council will take place in the next School Council Meeting, to be held virtually on Tuesday 13th October 2020 from 7pm to 9pm.  A link will be sent in advance of the meeting.

Nominations for members must be received at the school on or before 12th October 2020 for the 2020 / 2021 academic year.

Here is a copy of the form:

ESA School Council Nomination Form

Parents and guardians of students at ESA may nominate themselves or other parents for election.

Candidates should be prepared to summarize their reasons for running for school council to the school community.  Candidates may not use school resources to campaign for election and may not post or distribute campaign literature at the school.  At meeting where the election is held, the past chair or executive member shall make a list of candidates and a brief biography of each candidate available to all the parents and guardians of students enrolled at the school.

Duties and Responsibilities of School Council Members 

  • Attend and participate in school council meetings
  • Fulfil duties as outlined in this constitution or otherwise identified. A member who fails to fulfil their responsibilities may, after the involvement of a facilitator, be removed by a two-thirds vote of the members of the full school council
  • Maintain a school-wide perspective
  • Support the TDSB’s Student Success goals and the Etobicoke School of the Arts’s Success Plan
  • Act in the best interests of the school and students
  • Provide advice to the Principal on educational issues and other areas where the school council has been given advisory responsibilities
  • Attend and participate in information and training sessions
  • Encourage participation of parents and representatives from all groups in the school community
  • Act as a link between the school council and the community
  • Support and promote the decisions reached by the school council
  • Ensure that executive positions on the school council are filled

School Council members are expected to behave responsibly and ethically in all of their actions and deliberations, adhere to the Code of Ethics (Appendix A of the Constitution) established by the school council and disclose any conflicts of interest, where they occur.

Here is a link to the Constitution:


There are also Executive Member roles of the School Council.  Members of the School Council can volunteer to be an Executive Member and members of the School Council will elect from the volunteers, who will fulfil each role.

The Executive Member roles are:

School Council Co-Chair – responsibilities:

  • Prepare council agenda and chair meetings
  • Supervise council activities and procedures
  • Communicate regularly with the school Principal
  • Ensure regular communication between the school council and school community
  • Ensure that fundraising activities and uses of funds comply with school board policies and guidelines
  • Prepare annual report of the school council activities
  • Facilitate the resolution of conflict
  • Participate as ex-officio member of all committees established by the school council

School Council Secretary – responsibilities:

  • Record, maintain and report accurate minutes of school council meetings, including all school council decisions
  • Ensure minutes are available in the school office for review by parents and students
  • Act as corresponding secretary for school council

School Council Treasurer – responsibilities: 

  • Receive all funds raised by the school council
  • Prepare bank deposits for funds received and submit them to the school secretary/accountant for deposit
  • Authorize school council expenditures
  • Review, sign and date monthly transaction reports on funds held in the school activity funds bank account
  • Maintain financial records for the school council and give financial reports, as required
  • Prepare annual financial statement for the school council

We look forward to receiving nominations and seeing you at the School Council election!