Student Services Department

Student Services assists students with academic planning, post-secondary pathways and interpersonal issues.  We also provide assistance with volunteer and job opportunities.

Counsellors may meet with students individually or in groups. If additional assistance in resolving problems is required, counsellors are aware of many excellent resources and referral agencies.

Who we are…

Mara Baldassi, ACL Student Services, Quads 1-4 (Surnames: A-K)
416-394-6910 ext. 20041

Laura Pong, Quads 3-4 (Surnames:  L-Z)
416-394-6940 ext. 20043

Natalie Webber, Quads 1, 2, 4 (Surnames:  L-Z)
416-394-6940 ext. 20042

Ms Elvina Barclay (Office Assistant)
416-394-6910 ext. 20040

Students will be booking their appointments virtually.  A link for this will be provided soon.  Stay tuned.  Thank you for your patience.

Special Education
All students who have Individual Education Plans (IEP) are supported by our special education teachers.  Students who enroll in a Learning Strategies credit course (GLE1O9, GLE2O9, GLE3O9) meet with their teacher for one period in a two day cycle. In GLE1O9, students learn study skills, organizational techniques and are given assistance with their other courses.

Student with IEPs who do not take a Learning Strategies course are “tracked.”  The special education teachers meet with tracked students on a needs basis and provide support to their classroom teachers around the IEP accommodations.

Please let the school know if your student has an IEP and/or received resource support in elementary/middle school. It is critical for student success that we continue this support in high school.

Student Success
Student Success is the concern of every staff member at the Etobicoke School of the Arts. The Student Success team works closely with Student Services and Special Education to monitor and track students at risk. The team’s mandate is to ensure that each student has the opportunity to access the diverse possibilities within the TDSB to achieve the OSSD.

Mrs. Jennifer Sohm, ACL Special Education, Student Success and Wellness
416-394-6910 ext. 20028