Suresh Singaratnam

Suresh Singaratnam

Suresh SingaratnamSuresh Singaratnam is a trumpeter of uncommon breadth – unique not only for the small crowd he inhabits as a virtuoso of both classical and jazz styles but also for the continuity and clarity of his voice across both idioms. When he began to study the trumpet at age nine, it never occurred to him that he might have to choose between the two.

Singaratnam’s dual album release in 2009 was the product of several years of germination. “Two Hundred Sixty-One, Vol. 1” is not an opening statement but rather an adult work, born of years refining technique and taste. Similarly, “Lost in New York”, Singaratnam’s all-original jazz album, was years in the making and literally narrates several years of the artist’s life during his time in New York City. The program is eclectic, ranging from intervalic and twelve-tonal to singable originals evocative of Strayhorn and Johnny Mercer.

– Nathaniel Smith



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