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Faculty & Staff

The main school telephone number is 416.394.6910, department extensions follow below.

Main Office
Dritan Bylykbashi
Vice Principals:
Gillian Elango
Peter Gazzellone

Dance – ext. 20103
Michailidis, Melissa (ACL)
Friedman, Colleen

Drama – ext. 20135
Laidlaw, Michael (ACL)
Brault, Natasha (On Leave)
Hynes, Janine

Richards, Dean (ACL)
Johnson, Kevin
Middel, Jeff
Shafiq, Karina
Thoms, Michelle
Tinker, Phil

Film – ext. 20115
Johnson, Kevin (ACL)
Morgan, Nick
Payne, Michael

History/Social Science
Vritsios, Christos (ACL)
Arsu, Bahar (On Leave)
Mandl, Robert
Moorhouse, Melissa
Richards, Dean
Steele, Ann-Akay
Vritsios, Christos

Mathematics and Science
Bednar, Teresa (ACL)
Fara-On, Maria
Fairclough, Tammy
Michailidis, Melissa
Berkan, Earl
Neag, Angela
Payne, Michael
Schumacher, Brad
Spiczynski, Yvonne (On Leave)

Music – ext. 20101
Freeman, Derek (ACL)
Bettger, Pam

Music Theatre – ext. 20101
Warnock, Trish (ACL)
Ambrose, David
Hynes, Janine

Health and Physical Education – ext. 20030
Blakey, David (ACL)
Fairclough, Tammy

Guidance – ext. 20040
Baldassi, Mara (ACL) (Students with Last Names A-H) – ext. 20041
Shafiq, Karina (Students with Last Names I-N) – ext. 20043
Webber, Natalie (Students with Last Names O-Z) – ext. 20042

Special Education/Student Success
Sohm, Jennifer (ACL) – ext.20028

Visual Arts – ext. 20100
Varey, Matthew (ACL)
Nokes, Christopher
Novak, Glenn
Raymont, Heather