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Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

Some great places to start your scholarship search include: 

A bursary is a fund that is granted based on financial need. It is a non-repayable sum of money. It is awarded primarily based on financial need, however academic achievement is also considered. A great site to start your search of available bursaries is Student Aid – Government of Canada.

Another possible search engine is at this link.

These are suggestions for you and we are not endorsing any one specific search engine.

SCHOLARSHIP REPORT – ESA maintains a subscription to the Scholarship Report which provides 4 annual editions of all Scholarship listings for Ontario High School Students.  Students can access the Scholarship Report through the Guidance Google Classroom.

Scholarships have varying availability throughout the course of the year.  Stay up to date by checking out the Scholarship Report and the tips it provides for preparing for post-secondary. 


Please complete the following form if you would like to be considered for any upcoming scholarships that require a school-based nomination.  Please complete all elements of the form carefully.   Guidance will add your Academic Data to your form submission.  Please note, this form is not used for ESA-based Commencement Awards.  Those awards will be decided by the scholarships/awards committee in June.


Financial Aid

Students are able to apply for government financial assistance by completing the online application to the Ontario Student Assistance Program.   The application is usually available in the spring.

Canadian Federation of University Women, Etobicoke Chapter
The Canadian Federation of University Women, Etobicoke Chapter will again this year be directing bursary funds to the University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson University, and the Humber College degree program. Interested students should apply directly to the university of their choice citing the CFUW-Etobicoke award. These awards will be posted on the respective post-secondary web-sites after June 1st. The criteria are that you are a female student from Etobicoke and in need of financial assistance.